The current lead time for putting an aquarium in your PVC Reptile Enclosure is 4 days until it arrives on our door steps. This is the best news that we have ever heard since we love to collect and watch all of the different reptiles that make their home here at Caudillo Caverns. You can even join in on the fun and shop for the new stuff that you will find on the internet as well. We are going to let you in on some of the latest reptile keeping news that has been spreading like wildfire throughout the internet community.

Let’s get right to the meat of the matter. There has been a lot of buzz about the new Caudillo Caverns Reptile Enclosure being the most amazing creation that has ever seen. Some are calling it the nicest reef tank that has ever been created in all of the history of aquariding. It has a slew of amenities, such as: Current lead time, pre-molded vegetation, pre-molded foliage, complete lighting, and a current lead time that are guaranteed. All of these and many more have been featured in some pretty rave reviews.

One of the newest additions to the Caudillo Caverns Reptile Enclosure is the new PVC Reptile Enclosure by Chris Grammer. This is a reef tank that truly has “evolved”. With this unique design, you will be able to see the whole reef through the clear glass panels of the enclosure. This gives you a true depth of viewing that is not available with any other model. In addition, the deep substrate along with the many accessories that are included along with this product, make the Caudillo Caverns Reptile Enclosure stands out among the rest.

There are two basic types of acrylic aquarium glass enclosures that can be purchased. These are the standard pvc and the deep-filtration pet reptile enclosure. The standard pack has the glass panels located on the front-opening. These are the most popular option for those who want an affordable option but do not want shallow or difficult looking glass panels. These panels are easy to clean and maintain, however they are not as eye appealing as the Deep-Filtration Pvc 40 gallon terrarium and the Caudillo Caverns Enclosure.

The Caudillo Caverns Reptile Enclosure is truly a unique and patented product. You will be amazed at how it is different from any other product available on the market. This unique product allows you to purchase an indoor bonsai tree without the cost and trouble of purchasing an outdoor tree. The reason why the Caudillo Caverns Enclosure is so unique is because of the use of a special and patented substrate. The exclusive substrate allows you to grow and maintain your miniature trees inside of your pet reptile enclosure.

In addition to the unique substrate the Caudillo Caverns Enclosure has a very unique locking system. There are no standard locks available for this type of enclosure. The only way to gain access to the interior of the enclosure is by using one of the doors on the left and right of the enclosure. There is also a slide which is used to gain access to the interior. This slide is normally attached to a plastic arm that can be pushed into place over the doors on either side of the enclosure.

This unique and patented locking system is one of the main reasons that this particular enclosure has been so successful. It allows the homeowner to have complete control over the lighting, temperature and humidity of their bonsai tree. With this type of system you never have to worry about the humidity going over the accepted “grip” depth or possibly having too much humidity in the air. With the ability to regulate the humidity this will allow you to avoid many problems that often come with having too much humidity in the air such as condensation on the leaves of the plants and possible mold build up. The combination of a high quality substrate and pvc tubing makes it possible to have a Bonsai tree that will not only look great but will be healthy and disease free as well. With a proper humidity level and good humidity this type of enclosure should allow anyone to have a healthy cedar, redwood, maple or other type of Bonsai tree.

The unique design and materials used to build the PVC reptile enclosures make them extremely easy to maintain. The slats on the interior panels of most of these enclosures are designed to resist the effects of weathering without being affected in any way. The glass on these types of enclosures is UV stabilized, which means that it will not become brittle in the extreme temperatures or lighting conditions which it will be placed in. The combination of a high quality substrate and pvc panels make this a perfect combination for anyone who is looking to build their own Bonsai tree.

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