“Don’t Let A Snake Bite” is the latest snake proofing film from Animal Outdoors Network, and stars Dacrellie Brown as a snake hunter who has just gained access to an experimental rattlesnake repellent. The movie is full of action and chase scenes, but it isn’t really a horror film in the usual sense of the word. Rather, the plot resembles that of a comedy more than horror. Snake Away doesn’t always successfully repel rattlesnakes or any other sort of “moccasin snake” snakes or copperheads, despite the product name. The movie isn’t really meant to be horror or scary at all, although the snake that bites Brown (played by Jason Statham) does scare and injure him, and even though Brown is bitten on his leg, the blood loss is so minimal that it isn’t apparent on screen.

snake away

This is different than a real-life rattlesnake, though. Their venom has a tendency to cause tissue damage in humans, while the bites of the film’s snakes don’t do any physical harm. Rattlesnakes are among the most poisonous reptiles in the world. There is no active ingredient in Rattlesnake Away that would pose a real danger to human beings. However, there is still the danger of toxins given off by snakes in nature, as well as the danger of encountering dangerous snakes while travelling through jungles or swamps.

The film has some excellent one-liners, including one by its villain “The Snake” who wants to make Rattlesnake aware of the dangers of being a snake in modern society. The snake itself is played by Ed Norton, who plays the role of an agent provacateur in charge of protecting the United States. According to Wikipedia, the average lifespan for an elaphe is seven years. The snake in the film, played by Statham, has a life expectancy of just six. If the audience can laugh at this, maybe they’ll appreciate the message behind the joke.

The makers of Rattlesnake Away claim that the active ingredient found in their product is based on a type of wood that has been used for centuries in America for its healing abilities. Some have theorised that the reason that the snakes in the film are so hard to find is because they have all but been eradicated from the landscape. So maybe a university tested out some herbal concoctions and found that the active ingredient they used is actually what makes all the difference between finding one snake and another.

However, the makers of the film claim that their non-poisonous snake repellent is far more effective than their patented snake repellent. Despite this, no one really believes them. What we know for sure is that the University tested several different substances, and none of them worked. So in the end, we may simply all be waiting and seeing which of the various repellents will actually work!

So what’s the solution? Simple – if you’re looking for a non-toxic, inexpensive, effective snake repellent, then you need to use something like Dry Granular Mixture. This is available from your local Home Depot or Lowes department store, and it’s also available online. To be honest, it takes a few applications to get used to, but the results are definitely worth it! You’ll be amazed at how fast and effective this product is, and you’ll probably wonder why on earth you haven’t tried it before.

You can apply the Dry Granular Mixture in three simple steps. First, you just apply the dry granular mixture to any area that you want to keep snakes away. Next, you need to apply the second, more effective ingredient, called Python Pepper Spray, right at the very top. The active ingredient will cover the entire surface area of the granular mixtures, and that’s where snakes are very sensitive to. The last step is to spray the entire surface area of the snakes back, and if anything comes up to disturb the snakes, the spray counteracts the effect by making the snakes stick to each other instead of moving.

The final step is very easy. All you need to do is to repeat the process with each of the three areas that you have treated with the snake repellent. That’s it, in about three easy steps you can keep snakes out of your yard or home. It only costs about $30 to make the whole thing happen, and it will go a long way in keeping those unwelcome snakes out of your life. If you need to buy a product like this to put down field after field to keep snakes out, then do yourself a favor and read the reviews left by people who have already used it. The people who have used Dry Granular Mixture in their situations absolutely love it!

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