No. The Blue Tailed Lizards does not have any danger to humans. Aside from, they generally can not bite, the poisonous bite of these lizards are harmless as they don’t contain venom. According to several researches, there’s no recorded long lasting damage caused by a Blue Tailed lizard bite.

Even though people think that cats eat blue tailed lizards because they are afraid of them, it isn’t true. Most of the house cats love to eat mice and rats. However, this particular cat doesn’t like to eat live animals such as dogs, hamsters, birds or rodents. It prefers to eat insects and other dead animals.

This particular blue tailed lizard belongs to the family of reptiles called the Scelidians. Most of these lizards live in Australia, USA, China, Thailand and many other countries. Some Scelidians are quite small with the average size reaching about one inch. However, even though these lizards are small in size, their bites could still be very dangerous to humans especially those who are already infected with some venereal diseases.

If you have taken the dog to the vet recently, he might have given you some medication or may even have prescribed antibiotics. These medications or antibiotics may cause side effects that include fever, vomiting, diarrhea and others. Your vet may also give you a course of antibiotics for your dog. If you’re not sure whether the medicine your dog is taking is safe or not, you should immediately consult him. If the medication your dog is taking contains antibiotics, this may cause your dog to develop kidney problems and other medical conditions that may cause liver flukes.

Dogs who have blue tailed lizard pets will definitely need veterinary check ups regularly. Even though these lizards are usually good natured and do not generally pose any threat to dogs and humans, you should still keep an eye out for any symptoms of illness. This is to make sure that you’ll be able to take immediate action. The vet will check the dogs’ skin and eyes for any signs of illness. He may also ask for blood samples to check for the levels of salmonella bacteria in his system.

Salmonella bacteria can cause serious health problems in humans. It can lead to a number of infections. Blue tongue skink is one of these lizards that are known to carry salmonella bacteria. So, although the lizards do not typically carry this bacterium, you should still be careful and purchase lizards that do not have blue tongue skinks because these lizards can still attack your dogs and humans if they accidentally bite them.

Dogs and cats that are infected with liver flukes should be kept away from blue tailed lizards because they have the capability to transfer this bacterium to humans. Also, these lizards can inject their toxins into your pets’ bloodstream if they want. Therefore, you have to be very careful if you have blue tailed lizards in your house. Keep all pets inside the house or in pens for periods that are prescribed by the veterinarians.

Though it is highly unlikely, lizards may also attack dogs and cats if they are provoked. They have the ability to bite on dogs that try to attack them. This is why you have to take extra care when you own lizards at home because you have to avoid situations where they can attack each other. If you notice that your pet lizard is frequently trying to bite your dog or cat, you have to stop them right away. Get them the veterinary doctor immediately.

You can also train your dogs and cats to be gentle with each other. To do this, you can teach your pets to walk beside each other when you are near them. This is one way of preventing the probability of lizards attacking dogs. Also, lizards often like sleeping together with their master so you have to put them in a separate room or cage. In this way, the possibility of blue tailed lizards sharing the same cage is eliminated.

Blue tailed lizards are carnivores but they do not eat blue tailed lizards and other lizards because they are sick or too big in size. This means that your pets do not become hungry even if they eat blue-tipped pets. But, it is still important to feed them with the right amount of food every day. You have to make sure that they won’t be hungry because if they are, there is a big possibility that they can transfer diseases to your pets.

If you want your pets to be gentle with each other, you need to spend more time to train them. However, you can find many tricks that you can use to train them. One of these is providing them with a treat when they do something right. This is very important because they can’t motivate themselves if they only get a small reward. Another trick that you can try is giving your pet a toy that they can carry around with them. As long as they know that you will always feed them with a treat when they do something good, they will keep doing what you want them to do.

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