Reptile Heating Pad is an ideal 24 hour primary or secondary heat supply for tropical or sub tropical reptile species. The Reptile Heating Pad is specifically designed to maintain adequate levels of temperature for the well being of reptiles, amphibians, corals and other captive aquatic life. All Reptile Heating Pad consists of high quality chrome wiring with a high purity bipolar cable. It also has good quality PVC coated insulation that will provide strong, densely populated insulation that will provide safe, gentle and durable heat for all reptiles and amphibians, including fish. It also has stainless steel wire, an adjustable humidity setting switch, stainless steal hem, and a clear polyurethane cover.

The basic principle behind Reptile Heating Pad is that it contains a thermostat that contains two separately sealed chambers which heat and cool the surrounding area. One of the chambers has a higher wattage than the other; this allows a steady heat transfer throughout the entire pad. The two separate chambers have separate air distribution for each zone. Reptiles are able to maintain their body temperature at all times and be completely at peace because of this. The temperature gradation feature of Reptile Heating Pad helps them regulate the temperature and avoid overheating when the ambient room temperature is extremely low.

Another benefit of reptile heating pads is that it provides you with an efficient method of providing your pets with heating, ventilation and humidity control. When you use Reptile Heating Pads, the air flows over the rubber feet of the pad. This will create a circulatory process whereby air and moisture are carried through the pad and out of the bottom chamber where it is needed by the pet. If you allow the bottom chamber to dry out, your pet may begin to suffer from respiratory ailments such as sneezing and a runny nose. This is due to the bottom chamber drying out faster than the air and moisture being transferred around it.

There is also no need to worry about heating times as the thermostats will determine the proper temperature depending on the wattage of the Reptile Heating Pad. As long as the wattage of the heater is appropriate, your pet can remain comfortably warm in the terrarium for as long as you keep the room temperature above the standard tank size heater. The Reptile Heating Pad can be used with any standard tank size heater; even the popular Reptile Solar Heat Lamp. The use of the standard tank size heater and the attached solar lamp will enable you to maintain a comfortable temperature for your pet at all times.

For the health and happiness of your pet reptile, investing in a reptile heating pad is a worthwhile investment. With the adjustable thermostat you will be able to tailor the temperatures of the pad to your specific reptile’s needs. The wattage of the heater should be appropriate to the size of the turtle or the size of the tank you have. Your pet’s comfort should always be your top priority.

If you want to use the Reptile Heating Pad as a portable unit, you can adjust its temperature settings from one hundred to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It is also possible to adjust the Reptile Heating Pad’s air circulation through the vents located on the side of the unit. A two-inch air flow adjustment is very effective when you are using the Reptile Heating Pad in a temperature-controlled environment. The Reptile Heating Pad is equipped with a light that will facilitate the process of reading the temperature settings which is located on the side of the unit.

The most effective temperature settings and air circulation are between seventy-five and eight degrees Fahrenheit. You should keep in mind that the average lifespan of reptiles is between twelve and fifteen years and heat stress is very common during this time span. The average reptile owner will have their pet’s reptile heating pad endure anywhere from five to ten years before needing replaced. You do not have to purchase a new reptile pet heating unit in order to extend your pet’s life span.

When choosing the most suitable heating unit for the environment, you should make certain that it is appropriate for the size and type of tank your pet is in. There is no need for a large size tank heater if you only have one inch of gravel or substrate in the tank for your reptile to retreat to. Make sure that you choose the right size reptile heating pad or aquarium heater to accommodate your pet’s needs. If you have more than one type of pet at home and plan on keeping them in separate tanks, be sure to purchase the correct tank size for each of the pets.

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