Reptile Hides

What You Should Know About Reptile Hides

Reptile hides are of various shapes, sizes and colors. A large variety of reptile hides have been ensured to comprise a large assortment to offer a wide assortment to cater for the needs of all reptile species of snake, lizard and even spider. From bottomless volcanic crevices to well designed and enclosed moss chambers, from fake hideouts to natural looking and cozy hideouts.

The side you choose is an important aspect of your pet’s comfort. You do not want your pet to suffer from any uncomfortable conditions from their pet hide. For these reasons, you should take time when choosing the type of hide. Also, you must be sure to choose a hide that can adapt to the specific habitat and environment of your pet.

There are several types of reptile hides. Examples of this include alligator skins, crocodile, prawn skins, ostrich skins, lizard skins and even bat skins. Different Reptile types all have different requirements in terms of their hiding places, temperatures and humidity levels. Therefore, before shopping for your pet’s hide, make sure that it will be able to adapt to the needs of all the different species of reptiles.

Furthermore, hides also differ depending on their location. Some hide locations can be kept in dry terrariums while others are best suited in humid climates. Another thing to consider is that some herp species will require a herp mat or a substrate to ensure proper humidity and temperature. Other than that, there is also the size of the hide that must be considered. Common sized hides for the herp species of lizards and snakes are generally one cubic feet to two cubic feet.

Most often, when selecting the perfect hide, the factors that should be taken into account are the type of climate, temperature and humidity, as well as the type of substrate that are preferred by the owner. Although, there are some owners who prefer not to purchase a Reptile Hide because they believe that it would be more suitable for a hero than any other type of reptile tank. They then go on to state that they only get sick of their Reptile Pets because they allow them to hide and pester them. However, if you look closely at the reason why these owners get sick, it becomes clear that it is not because their Reptiles hide too much but because of their chronic stress levels.

When taking care of a reptile pet, the first thing that most people think about is providing them with their own hide. This is one thing that you need to keep in mind. While many people feel that providing their pets with their very own hiding spots and areas will make them happy, it might actually turn out to be detrimental for the health of their reptile pets. You can find out all about the different hides available in the market, from what kind of substrate they are made of to what material it is made from. If the hide is just like the rest of the tank, then your pet can easily get contaminated, resulting in illnesses and even death.

Other than preventing contamination of your tank, you should also consider where to put the hides. There are actually two different types of hides that are available for your reptile’s needs, namely the Dry Terrine and the Hummingbird Terrine. The Dry Terrine is ideal for placing in the terrarium, since it provides them a place to bury themselves while still allowing them to breathe. On the other hand, the Hummingbird Terrine is perfect if you want your herp pets to be able to have a dry place to hide, without having to worry about the temperature and humidity being too high or too low. In fact, most were owners do recommend placing the hides in the terrarium, but they also make it a point to place the hides in places where they cannot get too close to the water or be eaten by predators.

While these are the ideal hiding places for your pet reptiles, you may not be satisfied with the hides you have bought. If this is the case, you can always look into creating your own. There are actually a lot of recipes you can find over the Internet that you can use in building your own hide. All you need are some old clothes, as well as an old bedding set. Remember that when you make your own hide, it is best that you get one with at least six inch spaces all around, because some herp owners have found that their pet reptiles have died due to suffocating in smaller areas. So, by building your own hide, you will be providing your pets with a better living space that will help in the growth of their strength and immune systems.

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