What Type of lizard is This? – Identifying a Kind of lizard That Looks Like a Dragon



One of the most popular of all the reptilian reptiles is the lizard that looks just like a dragon. This is a very common pet, and many people do have one as a pet at home. But they are not all that common in the wild. Most of them live in the mountains where they can get plenty of room to spread out and give their little bodies some much needed rest.

Lizard That Looks Like A Dragon

The biggest question that most people ask when they have a lizard that looks like a dragon is how do you tell if it is really a dragon? You really can’t tell, unless you know what to look for. For one thing, it will have a thick colored shell. And there will also be scales covering its entire body. Also, there will usually be two rows of scales down the sides of its head.

If you don’t happen to know what to look for, then you could go ahead and buy a lizard that looks like a dragon. But there are some things you should be aware of before making that decision. Some of these things are just too cute to be real. In fact, some of them are downright hideous.

Lizards like the kind that has green or orange color scales instead of the usual brown or black color. It might even have some red spots. The scale patterns on this kind of lizard vary according to its natural habitat. For example, there are some that have green scales, but the spots are orange. So if you see one with green spots and the spots are orange, then you can pretty much assume that this particular kind of lizard is from the desert.

Then there is the kind that has gray colored spots on its back. This kind of lizard has been compared to the iguana, because it is said to be related to reptiles that live in the ground. However, there is no direct relation between iguanas and this kind of lizard. It could either be a relative, or a subspecies. This kind of lizard also has a long neck, longer than what people usually think.

The greenish color of this kind of lizard is the reason why most people think that it looks like a dragon. Actually, this kind of lizards also has the tendency to grow large and its legs have different color. There is the Agamete which has a brown color on its head. And then there is the Capparis which has gray colored legs, a very distinctive feature. Aside from those characteristics, all kinds of lizards have a unique personality and they each may not have a specific order or species.

So when talking about the order of lizards, the first one that should come to mind is the dragon. This kind of lizard is one of the oldest forms of lizards and it is most commonly found in the geographical areas of Southeast Asia and Australia. However, there are some parts of North America where this kind of lizards are now present. Another kind of lizard that has a close relationship with the dragon is the spectacled lizard. This kind of lizard has a very unique characteristic and it is said that these lizards look like dragons, but their coloring is so unique that it is difficult for scientists to identify whether they are really dragon lizards or not.

In the South American continent, there are some kinds of lizards that are more closely related to the monitor lizards. Their appearance and their habits are almost the same, except that they have small eyes instead of the usual large ones. They are also short-tempered and some have even been reported to bite their prey even before the prey is cooked. So if you are planning to go camping, you might want to consider bringing a dragon lilo.