What To Look For In A Reptile Humidifier?

What To Look For In A Reptile Humidifier?

If you own an animal such as a reptile, then you need to use a reptile humidifier. Although there are full size vats for the tanks in which they live, they are impractical and often dangerous for reptiles. For this reason, there are a variety of small units which can be placed on a nightstand or other flat surface. A more convenient option is to place the small units around the cage.

Adjustable Cool Fog Output: The compact ultrasonic-cool mist humidifier for pets is ideal for pets needing a cool, moist environment. This type of humidifier is especially well suited to reptile pets since their body temperatures can vary widely from the temperature of their tank water. The humidified air provides a soothing environment that can help prevent itching and the frustration associated with having your pet’s skin dry. They can also be used to provide an additional humid environment for small pets that are susceptible to heat stroke. The adjustable fog dial can be gradually increased to provide humidity levels up to 100%.

Easy Clean Design: Some small units for pets are made using simple to clean components which make them very convenient to maintain. Others have complicated filtering systems but will require an extra step to clean the filter. When you compare the cost of a good humidifier, such as that made with a high quality ceramic glass unit, with the cost of treating a reptile with a prescription antihistamine, you may find that a reptile humidifier is a better value. For this reason, small reptile humidifiers are very useful and economical to use for long-term care.

Easy Setting Up: Most vivosun pet supplies reptile humidifier and fogger for reptiles have an easy-to-use dial design. This dial allows you to increase or decrease the humidity level easily. You’ll want to do this at intervals that will correspond with your pet’s activity levels. For example, during the day, you might set the dial to maintain a constant humidity level of 60 percent. At night, you might increase the time between misting to ten minutes. Additional accessories, such as a water tank or a replacement water tank cap, are usually sold separately.

Adjustable Cool Mist: The vivosun humidifier for reptiles feature an adjustable cool mist control. This is similar to the technology used in countertop or refrigerated water pumps. The difference is that the cool mist is released from the humidifier via a hose and then directed to the water tank. The system can be set to maintain a constant humidity level or to vary the humidity based on the temperature of the water tank. The advantage to this type of system is that you can regulate the humidity very precisely without needing to add water to the tank.

Adjustable Duct Hoses: Unlike the vivosun, the humidifiers manufactured by Vivoson use a special low pressure humidifier hose. A similar type of hose called a ‘hot-water’ hose is used to transfer the cool mist into the water tank. Like the vivosun, an automatic shut off control is included to prevent over-watering the tank.

Dry Run Protection: Similar to its vivosun counterparts, the dry-run protection feature provides two levels of humidification. The lower setting shuts the humidifier off when the tank is dry. The higher setting provides continuous dry-run protection.

When purchasing a reptile humidifier, the features discussed above are good candidates. Consideration of the size of your pet and the environment where it lives are other factors to consider. Be sure to research the brands and models available before making your selection. Proper research will ensure you get a quality product that will be safe and effective for your pets.