What Are the Key Features to Look For in a Reptile Humidifier?

If you have a reptile at home, there are many things to keep in mind when using a Reptile Humidifier. The first is that this humidifier must be used very cautiously, especially if your reptile is an Indoor Reptile. In fact, Indoor Reptiles should not be exposed to the humid air of an outside enclosure or the humidifier’s ultrasonic sound. This can cause severe damage and even result in death.

Adjustable Humidification Output: Our tiny – ultra-lightweight – mist humidifying longer works perfectly for pets needing a very dry environment. It has a simple no-frills design and is extremely compact and quiet. You can also get an Adjustable Humidifier with a side sprayer. This model is equipped with a side spray nozzle that can be adjusted from a long burst of air to a more controlled spray.

Some other key features in this product are the cool mist capability, super quiet operation and the low mist emission. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. It has a very powerful fan that takes care of the evaporative cooling process. It has an adjustable humidity setting that lets you adjust the humidity level. There is a key feature that lets you put your hand on the humidifier when it is in the “cool” mode.

This humidifier uses a cool, sterile water reservoir that holds a sterile solution, which helps maintain the humidity levels. It has a separate water tank that is filled with a special non-iodized salt mixture to eliminate chlorine from the water, which is often used to sanitize pool and spa water. The Reptile Humidifier works by a small pump, which draws air through a fine mist filter. This humidifies the air and a larger pump to draw the air through the fine mist filter where the humidity is monitored.

The fogger part of the humidifier is located at the base of the unit. It has an osmosis membrane that filters out dirt, de-mineralized water and other contaminants. The lid of the humidifier can be removed and washed to clean it. The fogger even contains an ultraviolet light that kills any bacteria and mold spores in the air that might threaten your reptile’s health.

Many new owners of large breed breeds of reptiles have been wondering if a fogger humidifier is a good thing for their pets. They do however need to be watched closely when using one. Since there is a higher humidity that is in the enclosure, these reptiles may not be able to tolerate the humidity levels as well as larger species. They should be moved to a humidity controlled environment for the sake of their health.

The final type of humidifier is the cool mist that works in the same way that an aerosol spray does. The water is sprayed into the air and the cool mist travels through a tube to a collection reservoir where the water is replenished each cycle. These are available with two hose selections; one that is manual and the other is an automatic shut off hose. This unit is best for larger pets like snakes since they tend to stay in the enclosure most of the time.

The ultrasonic cool mist humidifier was the last option, we tested and to this day is the most popular. There are three major key features it offers, a built in water tank, the ability to regulate the humidity level and the ability to set the cool mist work modes. Each feature offers a different approach to how much room you save and how well the humidifier functions. We were able to test all three and found the ultrasonic model to be the best overall. When comparing the features, it was obvious that worked best for our pets and that worked best for our budget.