Reptile Humidifier or “Repto Humidifier” is ideal for small to medium sized pets in homes. This product will also work wonderfully on larger pets such as cats and dogs. Our compact, ultrasonic, dry mist humidifier is ideal for pets needing a dry environment. With variable fog output (up to 300 pounds per hour) you are able to ensure your pet is thoroughly relaxed!

Reptile Humidifier

Our line of the best reptile humidifiers offers many quality features, including a variety of accessories. Most of our bloggers have adjustable mist controls, allowing you to vary the humidity of the mist emitted. Dry-run protection keeps the unit running at an even temperature while it is filling the humidor with air. This is a very important feature for any user who needs to keep their humidor at a constant moisture level.

Some of the more common accessories include the adjustable foot pump, which is necessary for proper operation of any size tank. The tube tubing and barb connector make sure there is proper ventilation and no moisture escape. The shut-off valve helps prevent over-heating that may result in overheating of the air in the humidifier. In addition to the various accessories, we also carry a high quality replacement water hose, which is easily available in most locations.

The first step to proper maintenance of any humidifier is to make sure it has the appropriate size tank. There should be no less than one inch of clearance from the top of the humidifier to the bottom of the reptile tank. Some manufacturers recommend two inches of clearance on all sides. This will make sure any debris or other items not attached to the tubing will fall into the tank. If your manufacturer does not supply the tubing, you can find it at an online location where you will also find replacement tubing.

Next, the water and coolant should be flowing smoothly through the humidifier. If not, or if it is clogging, then you will need to open the valve on the end of the line to allow excess water and coolant to flow out of the humidifier and hose. This is easily accomplished with a simple bend at the barb connector. When you open the connection, the excess water will run away down the hose. Then, attach the line to the side of the humidifier, with the silicone sealant. Just as the pro tip states.

The last step is to secure the hoses and tubing to the interior of the humidifier. These can be secured using zip ties, but it is better to use one cable tie per side. This makes it more secure and prevents the cable from being pulled out over time. Once the tubing is connected, your reptile fogger will be ready for use.

You are now ready to make sure your animal is getting the humidity it needs. You should always add distilled water, because anything with a high concentration of chemicals can harm your pet. It is important to always make sure that there are no leaks or problems with the tubing or hoses. Any one of these can lead to some very sick pet experiences, so you should always make sure everything is in good working order.

There are quite a few reptile websites out there that can provide you with great information on caring for your pets. Reptile websites can also provide you with great products that will help to maintain an ideal humidity level in the environment of your home. Many people find this very helpful, as they want to make sure their pets stay healthy and happy. Shopping on the internet can be a great way to find the humidifiers and other accessories you need. The Reptile Humidifier is probably the best accessory you could find if you are looking for one.

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