A Reptile Humidifier for your home can be a great way to add the extra moisture your reptile needs to stay healthy. Reptiles are unique animals and require a special environment to thrive. They also cannot handle very high temperatures and must have a steady supply of cool air. This makes the perfect environment for a humidifier, especially one designed specifically for this purpose. Our cool fog humidifier is perfect for reptiles requiring a cool atmosphere. It’s simple to operate, no need to get tangled up with wires; simply plug it in!

Adjustable Humidification: This is what makes our reptile humidifier so unique and convenient. You can set the humidity level to whatever level you like, from a very low percentage of 100% to full humidity. No need to run the water tank because it automatically opens up. And no need to worry about the humidity dripping off the glass or getting into the air. Just put the humidifier in the enclosure and turn it on.

Size: This unit comes in two sizes, a tabletop model and a floor model. The tabletop humidifier comes in three colors; black, red, and white. The small floor model is just like the larger size, except it has two liters of water tank.

Extra Features: The humidifier has a hygrometer that will tell you how many liters of water it holds and a digital display that shows the humidity level. The base has a leak proof cap that prevents water from spilling out onto the floor. The bulb has an adjustable humidity setting that lets you set the exact amount of water your pet needs to retain moisture. It has a built-in microprocessor that controls the percentage of water in the tank.

Water Heater Reptiles is not the only pets who can benefit from a humidity humidifier. Butterflies, goldfish, birds, lizards, and spiders all need moisture to keep their bodies healthy and their skins moist. With a regular water heater, you would need to change the water in the tank every day or so. With a humidifier, you can simply put your palm on the lid and turn on the power. No changing of water!

Suction Cups: Some models of humidifiers require you to fill the tank with distilled water or some other type of humidification solution. Many people do this because they don’t want the suction cups to spill. But, distilled water is best for the health of your pet. Plus, the suction cups allow for better circulation and a more even distribution of the humidified air throughout the room. If you don’t have distilled water, try using distilled water from a water bottle, but go slow.

Proper Humidity For Your Reptile Cage You want to set your humidifier for the right humidity for your reptiles’ living area. For your aquarium, you can set the thermostat to eighty eight degrees Fahrenheit. This will be fine for your pet turtles and other live-in reptiles. It’s best to use a humidity meter for your turtles’ environment to know when the proper humidity has been achieved.

Reptile Humidifier Information: As you can see, there are quite a few different models and options out there. So, if you’re looking for one of the best reptile humidifiers, then you just have to go online and look. Look for customer reviews, which will give you more information on each humidifier. You want one that is easy to clean, quiet, and cool. The top picks of the humidifiers have those characteristics. They have worked well for so many pet owners, and you should too.

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