Here are some basic tips to follow if you are planning to do a lizard drawing. Start with the most important part of your drawing, the head or the snout. In this step you will need to prepare all the necessary supplies. First of all you will need a paper for the drawing. You can either use a colored pencil or drawing paper.

When it comes to the drawing of the snout, there are some specific things to keep in mind. The first thing is to draw the prominent parts of the head and its top part. Curved lines should be drawn along the sides of the head to make them look like the beaks of lizards. Similarly, you can also draw the curve on the lower part of the beak.

Step seven is to draw the body or the limbs. A straight line drawn at the top of the body and along the limbs will give you a good picture of the entire structure. Next step is to draw the legs. It is advisable to start drawing from the ankles. The position of each leg can be changed as it suits the drawing of the whole lizard. After completing the whole lizard drawing, you can now color it in different shades.

The last step is to add more details on the upper part of the body and the head. After completing all the parts of the body, you can now turn your attention to the eyes. For this you have to draw some circles in the head or the snout depending upon the size of the lizard. These circles will help you understand the vision of the animal more clearly. Here are few tips for you to draw beautiful lizard drawing.

While drawing the eyes you must have the three main points of view. From these you can derive the other two points of views. The first step is to start with the central part of the eyes.

You can start drawing the rest of the head, the nose and the right hind leg. For the rest of the body you can just follow the general flow of the sketches. The first step is to have the snake or any small lizard pinched under your chin so that its head is visible. There should be a clear focus on the eyes, nose and hind leg. You have to work slowly and steadily when drawing the details of the head so that it appears natural.

Step 6 – You have to remove all the rough edges from the outside of the snake so that it looks more realistic. Use a pencil to make the first line as the starting point for the drawing. You can start with a pencil and then sharpen it so that you have the perfect tips for the curving lines. Work slowly and steady on the drawing until you get the desired results. When you are happy with the snake, you can go ahead and create the wrinkles in the skin by using your shadings or rougheners.

Step 7 – For the lower half of the body continue the step 6 about the head. Curve the upper body so that it looks like a tail. Work slowly and steadily so that the whole body flows in a natural way. You can use a light touch on the back legs to soften them so that there is less chance of them curling up during the actual drawing.

Step 9 – Curve the front leg and make the bend as high as possible. Curve the other leg in the same way but at the same time, lower it down as low as possible. This creates a bend in the lower part of the body.

Step 2 – You can now learn how to draw the head and the neck of lizards. Make the first step two times longer than the one you took for the rest of the body. You can use a straight edge to help with this.

Step 10 – You can now add the forelegs and the hind leg. Curve both of the legs at the same time, while keeping the foreleg straight. The bend at the toes can be created by creating a curve in the upper leg at the same time as a straight bend in the ankle. It helps if you have both of your hands on your drawing pad.

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