lizard drawing is quite simple if you have a little imagination to spare. It can also be very interesting if you are trying to put your imagination into a drawing. This is one of my first skills that I gained through many tutorials and books but I always found it easy to follow when I kept notes on my sketches at the end. Today, I still follow this technique to draw the basic lizard species I enjoy so much. If I keep track of my sketch, I am able to do a very good job when I try to draw lizard species in future.

lizard drawing-step by step In this article, see also other lizard drawing tutorials: Part 1, Part 2, Step by step guides. It is also recommended to read the book by Robert Bakker called “How to Draw the Basic Animals” and to buy his book as well. For more information and details on how to draw reptiles, check out his website. Here is the 6 step by step process to follow to draw a lizard.

First, start with an easy version of your favorite animal drawing. You can pick an animal like an anteater or a cat and just tweak its features to make it look as realistic as possible. Make sure that you are drawing the animal in its natural habitat. This will give you an idea on how to go about with your lizard drawing.

The second step is to draw the head of your lizard. To do this, you need to add a curve to the top of your head so that it looks more like that of a real lizard’s head. You can start from the widest part of its body and draw all the way to the tip of its tail. Once you got your desired point, you need to add a straight line at the center of your drawing, just like the lizard would have its head. This will help your lizard drawing look more realistic.

The third step is to draw the lizard’s eye. Start from the center of the eye and just add curves around it. You can also add some shadow effects at the sides of the eye. When you are done with the details on the eyes, it is time to move on to the other facial features of your lizard.

The fourth step is to draw the hind leg. This should be the longest part of your lizard. You need to draw a curve down its middle to make it look more like a snake. You can add some black circles below its toes for some additional emphasis.

The fifth step is to draw the lizard tail. The easiest way to draw a lizard tail is to start with a long tail and continue drawing it. However, if you are not that confident about drawing one, you can use the tail of another animal. Start by tracing the outline of the tail on the paper and when you are satisfied with it, you can color it in using dark or light colors.

The last step is to draw the front leg. To draw a front leg, you only need to be able to draw three straight lines. Use the side of your forefinger and start to draw two curved lines on the front leg and continue on. You can continue drawing the leg with your other fingers once you get the basic right angles.

The fourth step is to draw the head. The easiest way to draw a lizard’s head is to have its eyes open and with its head pointing straight ahead. After that, you can use a pencil to draw the rest of its face. To do this, you just have to start with the center of the face and draw outward. You can continue adding some features on your head such as its beard and its tail.

The fifth step is to draw the legs. To draw lizard legs, you have to be aware of the fact that they have two toes unlike the other animals. The first thing that you have to do is to trace a line between the second toe and the first toe.

The sixth and the seventh steps will be perfect for your lizard drawing. You have to remember that the lizard is not meant to be very detailed. So, if you want your drawing to be nice, you need to limit the elements that you are going to include in it. This way, you will be able to make the drawing as natural as possible. Keep in mind that there are some artists who are better than others when it comes to drawing lizards and other animals so you need to keep these tips in mind.

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