The lizard fish is often depicted as an ocean-dwelling giant who warily resides in the shallows of its own country, but it is more than this. It is a symbol of perseverance and the ability to face adversity. It represents a certain type of person – it is hardworking, independent and is not afraid of taking calculated risks. Because of its remarkable qualities the lizard fish is often depicted as a creature from an aquatic world, possessing gills or gizzards and possessing an extraordinary ability for breathing underwater. It is a symbol of courage in an aquatic environment.

Lizard Fish

The lizard fish owes its extraordinary existence to its extraordinary diet and habitat. Being the only top predator of the deep waters means that it must remain alert and on the lookout for prey. In the case of the Australian lizard fish the habitat is so diverse that it is a haven for a diversity of aquatic life. At depths below 2500 meters there is very little sustenance so the lizard fish are scarce; at such depths too there is little to fight off the smaller but tougher predator species. And despite its great size and the efforts of the marine environment it has been unable to master the water and has never been able to master the surface world.

The Australian lizardfish is a carnivore; it feeds on Small Cephalopods (reef slugs). This makes perfect sense as they are in their prime prey. There are few surer signs that a fish is going to bite a lure, as the tendency is that if the fish is sighted by the diver then it will move on to the next possible meal. It therefore pays dividends to select brightly colored lures like spoons, jigs, spoons, strips and plugs that will attract the attention of the smaller fish. They are not as picky about their diet as other fish are and will even eat other fish that pass by.

When selecting a spot for your fishing excursion you have three choices. You can choose an inshore lizardfish site, an inshore site or an offshore site. You can also target both inshore and offshore locations, it all depends on your preferred approach and fishing style. When fishing in an inshore location you should ensure that you are at a reasonable distance from the shore so as to not disturb the dwell time of the inhabitants.

The most common sight on an inshore location is the bottlenose dolphin casting an array of colorful shapes into the water. These creatures are called clownfish. There are other forms of dolphins but clownfish are the most common in captivity. To be able to attract the much sought after clownfish it is important to select brightly colored garters that act as the perfect lure. A short dorsal fin and two short dorsal fins are all that is needed for the short dorsal fin to be able to attract the clownfish.

If you choose to fish offshore from a boat then your options of lizards are many and include the common carp, barracuda, coney, roosterfish and lizardfish. Carp are omnivores and feed on vegetation along with small crustaceans, snails and fish. Barracuda, coney and roosterfish are carnivores and enjoy eating smaller fish, bugs, insects, crustaceans, snails and smaller lizards. They can sometimes be seen lurking around sponges and other baits.

The last but not the least type of lizards to be mentioned in this article is the cylindrical body lizardfish. These animals are best recognized by their elongated body shape and their ability to move rapidly by propelling themselves using their tail. A short dorsal fin and two short dorsal fins are all that is needed for the short dorsal fin to be able to propel itself. This fish has two gill covers, which are located at the front of their mouths. Although they do not have the ability to fly, they do have good vision and can detect prey by sight.

All of these types of fish have one thing in common; they are omnivorous and feed on anything from snails, slugs, crustaceans, shad, mosquito larva, flies, mites, frogs, lizards, dragonflies and even birds! Some prefer to feed once a day while others are active at night. In fact, they can even be seen feeding on algae, plants and the blood of birds at night! So, if you are looking for an interesting and unique type of fish to catch, try one of the various types of lizard fish that are found in the saltwater aquarium market.

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