The Reptile Incubator by Garden Design International is designed to provide the ultimate in temperature and humidity controls along with many other features. It also offers temperature and light control along with humidity alarms. It comes with built-in fans to speed air circulation. There is an adjustable temperature and humidity setting with a removable cover. The Reptile Incubator allows you to use it on any size terrarium or enclosure.

The Reptile Incubator gives breeders full temperature and moisture control so that they can care for growing eggs properly. It comes with a digital control with large LCD screen, thermostat, humidistat, and more! The Reptile Incubator allows you to set up the right temperature and humidity for your reptile. It has a built-in humidistat that will maintain a constant level of humidity in the tank while the incubating your reptile eggs.

It has a heat and humidity sensor that will shut off the heating and air conditioning when the humidity reaches a certain point. This is great if you do not have an incubator and want to raise your reptile right away. You simply need to turn off the humidistat and leave it alone to keep your reptile warm and happy. The humidistat can also be programmed to shut off at certain temperatures so your incubators stay cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. The Reptile Incubator also comes with a remote control to allow you to run the program even from your computer.

The Reptile Incubator has been designed for hatch control and temperature regulation for all hatchlings, adult reptiles, and fish as well. With the temperature and humidity controls, you are able to control the incubation process to ensure the health and survival of the eggs or hatchlings. If you are breeding turtles and have different egg incubation temperatures, this is one convenient machine you could invest in. No more guessing which eggs your female wants to lay because she has a preference for a certain temperature.

You do not have to constantly monitor the temperature of the incubator’s temperature because the Reptile Incubator is equipped with a thermometer and digital screen. The thermometer will indicate what the right temperature is for the developing eggs and you can see the eggs through the glass on the outside. This makes it much easier to monitor the developing eggs and know that they are getting the proper temperature. Another great feature of the Reptile Incubator is the digital screen that shows you the temperature outside. You are able to see the hatched eggs through a clear window, but can still monitor the temperatures of the heating element.

An incubator is a necessity when breeding turtles because you cannot control the environment your turtle is in. Without an incubator, turtles often get stressed when trying to hatch and develop their eggs. If the temperature of the incubator is too low, this can cause stress to your pet turtle. The thermostat regulates the inside temperature of the incubator and the thermometer ensures that the eggs get the optimal temperature. There are other features of the incubator, such as the thermostatic valve that allows for the changing of the incubator’s temperature so that it remains at an optimal temperature for the turtles’ optimal health.

Another great feature of the reptile incubator is the digital thermostat control. With the thermostatic valve incorporated, you are able to monitor the heating element through a display screen located on the incubator itself. The thermostatic valve can be left on continuously if you so desire and can also shut down the heating element when the outside temperature drops below the incubator’s internal temperature. This allows you to monitor the chicks and their environment without having to constantly open and close the incubator.

Lastly, you have the different incubation compartments and nesting blocks available for your incubator. Depending on what type of turtle you are raising, there are two types of incubators that you can purchase. The first type of incubator is a small clear acrylic container that has two compartments and one clutches onto the bottom tray of the incubator. The second type of incubator is a large clear acrylic tank that has four compartments, one of which has a clutch tray that is attached to the side of the tank.

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