Reptile Humidifier: Is there really such thing as a ” Reptile Humidifier? The fact is, there is such a thing as a ” Reptile Humidifier” but it does not cool the air like a normal humidifier does. They are not recommended for small pets that easily become dehydrated in hot weather. These humidifiers are usually reserved for larger pets such as cats, dogs or large lizards, or for medically related conditions only.

Adjustable Cool Fog Output: our compact – ultra-quiet- ultrasonic- cool mist fogger is ideal for reptiles needing a cool moist atmosphere. To use this type of humidifier you simply fill the tank with water, turn on the on/off switch and add a small amount of product info. Allow to set up and fog the tank by turning the fogger upside down. Turn the tank upside down after every few days to allow the product info to settle in the tank and the humidity level to stabilize.

Reptile Humidifiers have two settings: Warm and Cool. These types of humidifiers are especially effective for providing humidification for small tanks, zoos, and aquariums. If you are using a large tank, we suggest adding a “Sonic” or “Vibrating” Reptile Humidifier to maintain proper tank temps. Reptiles will not thrive in extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures; therefore these types of humidifiers are very important to keep their delicate bodies temperature optimal.

There are two basic types of Reptile Humidifiers. The first is the tank top fogger which has two hoses; one hose goes into the tank and the other hose is connected to a compressor. Most tank top foggers will provide a steady stream of humid mist to your reptile habitat. These types of humidifiers are more expensive and are generally only recommended for larger tanks. On the other hand, if you are looking for an economical humidifier that you can use in your smaller tanks then we recommend the portable/refrigerator style humidifier.

Both types of humidifiers are effective and the primary difference between the two is the size of the compressor/heater. Portable humidifiers tend to be less powerful than the compressor-heaters and are much more suited for use with larger tanks. However, they do have the advantage of being able to provide mist to your terrariums in a steady flow so you can more easily gauge humidity levels in your terrariums. We also highly recommend having a fogger on hand because it can make cleaning your terrarium’s filter unit much easier. Fogging is the process of cleaning the filter of your Reptile Humidifier to remove any buildup of debris that can potentially clog it.

While a fogger will work, it is much more recommended that you purchase a direct sprayer because of the accuracy and force of the spray. This will ensure you not only get more humidity into the air but that it is evenly distributed over your entire tank. If you mist the water with the fogger and then rinse off the sprayer with cool water, you will not get as much humidity into the air. While you can add distilled water to the mix if you wish, it is better to use tap water in this instance. Remember, distilled water has no salt in it, thus it will not negatively interact with your reptile cage.

It is imperative that you keep your humidifier or fogger as clean as possible. You should clean it once per week (or as indicated on the box) and you should never allow any salt to build up. If you do not clean your Reptile Humidifier or Fogger regularly then you will run the risk of your pets drinking distilled water that contains Salmonella, a deadly bacteria. While this may not kill your reptiles immediately, if they get sick they could suffer and possibly die. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you do not allow your pets to drink tap water.

These pros and cons can be deceiving, especially when it comes to a humidifier or fogger for the home. When purchasing a unit, always keep in mind the size of your terrarium. A large unit can be overwhelming for smaller terrariums, so always remember to measure both your container and the area in which you will place the humidifier or fogger before you make your purchase. If you plan on keeping multiple pets, be sure to buy an appropriate unit size. The last thing you want is to invest money into a product that is not designed to house multiple pets at once.

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