Reptile Humidifier Information and Buying Tips

Reptile Humidifier

Reptile Humidifiers are extremely beneficial to our reptiles, but you may not realize it if you are not a pet owner. It is an amazing thing about the environment we live in today, and how we have taken it for granted over the years. But when your pet is experiencing heat or cold, a quality reptile humidifier is your best solution.

Adjustable Humidification: Our small – compact – ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is ideal for pets needing a higher humidity environment. A water-based device allows you to turn up the volume, and an air-based unit will allow you to adjust the humidity. In either case, both types of humidifiers are very effective.

Different Types of Reptile Humidifiers Are Available: There are several types of humidifiers on the market. The tank-based devices use tanks which can be easily removed and cleaned. Some of these tanks may have suction cups, which can be removed to clean the tubes and cleaning the filters. Some tanks use a tubing with the air valve on one end; the other end of the tubing carries the humidified air through a tube that connects the humidifier to the indoor source.

If your pets are small, you may consider a portable humidifier. These work on the same principle as the tank-based model, but they utilize a smaller and lighter device. This makes them easy to carry from room to room. Portable units also utilize a small amount of electricity. Most of these units provide the same high quality of humidity that larger models provide, at a fraction of the weight and volume.

Humidifier for Amphibians works Best For Small Animals: People with small children and amphibians have different needs when it comes to a humidifier. Children have more delicate skin and can easily become dehydrated if their water levels fall below normal. Also, amphibians are often housed in small containers so the lack of water in the air can be detrimental to their health. If your pet is small or frogs or salamanders, then the Reptile Humidifier is the perfect solution.

Humidifiers for amphibians and small pets provide the added benefit of providing humidity to replace dry air. It has two adjustable settings: a cool setting which provides low moisture to help the animal stay comfortable. The warm setting will add additional moisture to the air, which is ideal for larger amphibians or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Reptiles and amphibians need to be kept very moist for good health. Excessive dryness can result in pain, skin abrasions, and even damage to the tissues. These humidifiers use a special nozzles that suck excess moisture from the air and distribute it to the animal’s enclosure.

Reptile tank humidifiers and foggers are a great addition to any home environment. They are especially useful for keeping amphibians like turtles and tortoises in outdoor conditions. With this type of humidifier you can be sure your pets stay healthy and well cared for. If you are unsure of the different humidifier models on the market, then consult your Pet Owner’s Manual or call your local pet store for assistance. It is important that you choose the right pet humidifier to meet the needs of your pet.

Humidifier Supplies – The best humidifiers are usually provided with special attachments. The most common of these accessories is the air to air transfer system which connects the humidifier to an air source such as an air conditioner. The transfer system allows you to move the humidifier to the location where you need it most, and then return the unit to its original location. This feature is convenient if you do not always have an indoor air source. The upgraded version of the tank-less humidifier includes an air to water transfer system, which is more convenient than the previous model.

Extender Hoses – You can also purchase a tank-less humidifier with an extra long hose that extends the length of the hose to four feet or more. This model offers a larger tank capacity than the standard unit, but it requires an external water supply, since the large tank capacity is useless without the water supply. This model is sometimes referred to as a four-foot waterless humidifier. Most often these waterless units include a large tank capacity, but it does not include an extension hose. If you want an extension hose, however, you will have to look for one that is compatible with your model.

Fogger – The fogger is used to add moisture to a room or area. You will first need to add distilled water to the bottom of the reservoir of the humidifier. Place the fogger close to the area you want to mist as close as possible to the source of heat. Turn on the fogger and watch the mist begin to fill the area. To release the mist, simply open the top of the reservoir.

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