For those who are new to reptile care, the question often comes up whether or not to buy a Reptile Humidifier for your new pet. Before you make this very important decision, it’s important that you know what type of conditions your reptile will be most vulnerable to. There are different types of species of reptiles, and each has specific requirements in terms of humidity and temperature. For example, there are some species of snakes which are most susceptible to cold weather than others. So before buying a humidifier, it is advisable to first determine which kind of reptile you have and buy the right humidifier for them.

Reptile Humidifier

Adjustable Cool Fog Output: With the compact size of our cool fog humidifier, our small – ultrasonic – fog inducing humidifiers is ideal for pets needing a dry atmosphere. It features a high-frequency sound which produces a low hum that is undetectable to the human ear. This sound also de-mineralizes the air, preventing your pet from being prone to dry skin and frequent bathing. These types of humidifiers come with a hygrometer, which monitors the moisture content in the air through a moisture sensor. It is very easy to use, and it also offers a manual shut off function.

High-Intensity Fogger: This is the most effective of the humidifiers which is also the most expensive one. The high-intensity fogger contains three tanks with separate chambers. Each chamber is equipped with a timer, which turns on the mist during the intervals when your pet is not awake or is sleeping.

Most cons of the Reptile Humidifier include problems such as water tank problems, which can be solved by proper water tank care. Some of these units arrived with the wrong sized water tanks, and some of them do not have sufficient power to generate high humidity levels. Some of the other cons included in the models are slow to start up and shut down times, and the need for an expansion tube. These two issues can easily be resolved by following the user’s manual and adding an expansion tube. The growth and age of the pets also affect the performance of the unit, which means the fogger needs to be replaced periodically.

The brand of the reptile humidifier also has its pros and cons. The Von Zipper brand was designed by a company that specializes in air conditioning. This makes it more durable and long lasting. The cons of this unit include the slow start up and shut down times, and the need for an expansion tube.

In our top ten list, we gave a nod to the Reptile PowerStar Pro folder, which ranks at the top because it performs better than all the other models in the market. This humidifier has a built in digital thermostat, which helps maintain the humidity level in the tank. This thermostat also allows the user to set the desired temperature, which helps to conserve energy. The tank is made of stainless steel and has an insulated lid.

The humidifier tanks for reptile tanks can be a little pricey, but you can get the best ones by buying direct from the manufacturer. This will ensure you get the best quality at affordable prices. It is better to buy a tube instead of a sprayer because the tubes are smaller and they require less spraying. It is very important to keep in mind that you need at least four inches of space between the footer to the bottom of the tank.

For your convenience, you can also purchase the tank with the fogger already attached. The tube comes with the mesh top already attached, which makes it very easy to use. You can place the tank on top of a bed of rocks or pebbles without worry of knocking them over. Many stores sell these at a reasonable price and ship them for free. If you are looking for the perfect system for your reptile pets, then look for the Reptile Humidifier.

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