Reptile Heating Tape – Proper Care and Treatment of Your Reptiles

Reptile heating tape is also known as reptile tape, electric reptile heating tape, static electric heat tape and hot-water reptile tape. It is an adhesive tape made from a synthetic rubber, thermoplastic rubber. The product is applied to the substrate of an animal and when it adheres to the substrate it becomes heated. The heat that is emitted from the tape’s adhesive heats up the sub-flooring underneath the tape. This helps in cooling any hot spots that may have developed due to the temperature differences in the substrate.

reptile heating tape

You can apply Reptile heating tape by either wrapping it around the substrate or tying it at various points so that you can fix it to the substrate without using any wires or any other types of Connected Aids. There are various types of heated perches available in the market. Some popular varieties are the heated wedge perch, heated arbor perch, heated flexible perches, thermo flexible perch etc. The different varieties of heated perches help you choose the one that suits your pet perfectly.

Reptile tape is best suited for use with heat lamps. You can make a heat lamp by tying Reptile tape to the end of a chord or using any wires and attaching it to the lamp. This helps in controlling the speed of the light from the lamp. The light can be dimmed or turned completely on.

In case of reptiles like tortoiseshells and bearded dragons, you can put them on the substrate on the arbor style at the bottom of the enclosure. You can also use the arbors to give them some shade in the hot summer months. The basic idea is to give them heat exposure on the side of the arbor so that they do not overheat. It will give them some warmth underneath the substrate. This will prevent them from scratching the substrate to the point of death.

If you have small terrestrial species like chameleons, crickets and rock crickets, you can place them in the substrate of the enclosure on the left hand side. They should have the insects feeding on them hanging on to their body. If you have spotted due to insects, you can cover the body with the substrate. This will help you maintain the humidity in the enclosure without overwatering.

Different types of Reptile heating arbors are available in the market. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can buy pre-cut or self-made according to the specifications specified by your pet. There are also kits available in the pet shops which can be assembled. The advantage of the pre-cut Reptile heating arbors are that they are economical. You can also buy Reptile flashing which is similar to the tape but much thicker.

You can also buy an electrical tape and cut it yourself. Use a hammer and nail to make the cut. Use an electrician’s tape if you are using electricity. This tape is very thin and water-resistant. It will not allow the tape to get stuck to the metal.

Before placing the heated arbor in the cage, clean it thoroughly. The substrate and the heat source should not be left alone for long. The heat source should be kept at a safe distance. Do not leave them near other reptiles. They might accidentally step on them and burn themselves.

Before putting the heater in the cage, turn the power on. Lock all the doors and windows. When you think the reptile has enough warmth, you can slowly expose the exposed part of the tape to the heat source. This will slowly warm the reptile’s body until it becomes warm enough.

Proper ventilation is very important in the case of reptiles. In such cases, the use of Reptile heating tape is advisable. You should be able to place the tape in a place where the entrance to the snake’s hideout is not blocked. If there is a heat source inside the cage, place the tape in front of it. If not, you should consider placing the tape in the reptile’s sleeping area.

In addition, place the tail end of the tape at a place where the snake will not try to climb up and out. Snakes are known for climbing, so you must take this precaution. Do not use the tape to warm up your snake before or after feeding it. Proper feeding and care of the pet are very important. Do not take any chances, and always keep in mind that you must use caution when trying to handle a reptile or any other pet.