Pvc Reptile Enclosure

Pvc Reptile Enclosure – Ventilation, Power and Safety Considerations

Why is there so much interest in the idea of a PvP or Pvc Reptile Enclosure? First let’s define what a Pvc enclosure really is. In short, it’s a housing unit that is designed specifically for the needs of the various species of reptiles that are popular for playing World of Warcraft (WoW). In the WoW realm, there are four different main species of reptiles: Gorilla, Bird, amphibian and reptile. There are also “bug breeds” such as Chima, which are commonly played as attackers and healers (hence their name).

In order to properly sustain these four species (and any others that may become popular), an environment must be established that maintains high humidity, high temperatures and a low relative humidity. The primary goal in establishing this environment is to keep the various species safe and healthy in their natural habitats. This is accomplished by providing them with adequate housing and enclosures that can provide a secure home base. Proper ventilation systems, overhead heating and UV lighting, along with specific humidity and temperature controls are then used to maintain a consistent environment. With a Pvc Reptile Enclosure, these primary goals of keeping the animals comfortable are met.

There are two primary benefits of using Pvc Reptile Enclosures over other forms of enclosure options: first, they are more air-conditional than most aquariums; thus they hold the captive reptiles’ humidity, temperature and environment better than typical aquariums. Second, due to the highly air-conditioned nature of these enclosures, they readily available to the species of lizards that are kept within them. They can easily be added to larger terrariums when needed, and can quickly adjust to their new surroundings. With an economical overhead heating and UV lighting system included in many designs, the investment in a Pvc enclosure is quickly returned in cost savings when compared with aquariums.

For those looking for the benefits of an aquarium without all of the frills, there are several pros of choosing a cage without all of the fancy gadgets. For starters, a standard sized aquarium without a filter, heaters or pumps requires only a standard hook up to allow for circulation, water testing and feeding. With a basic rack system, there is no need for under-cabinet water filtration or temperature probes. This means that there is no need to purchase expensive temperature gauges, thermometers or UV filters.

Another pro with choosing a Pvc Enclosure over traditional tanks is the ability to effectively house and feed arboreal reptiles. Although certain species, such as African Eyebrows, are more sensitive to the conditions found in their natural habitat, there are many species that will accept a captive setup that maintains similar conditions to their natural habitat. Many manufacturers include specialized housing kits and enclosures designed specifically for African Eyebrow, Pangolin and Spotted Rods.

For pet owners who must travel or who have less than optimal living conditions, a reptile enclosure provides a cost effective housing option. Most enclosures allow for constant temperature regulation, a self-cleaning substrate, proper lighting and adequate space for exercise and feeding. Because these animals are naturally social and well balanced, it is easy to simulate their environment in a similar housing arrangement without additional stress to the animal welfare team.

Many pet owners are unfamiliar with the benefits of an indoor environment that provides proper housing, feeding, temperature and humidity control, and allows for effective predator and prey management. The benefits of providing an enclosure with the right sized substrate, proper housing for each species, and effective temperature and lighting controls are manifold. Allowing pets to roam freely, explore their surroundings and adapt to their captive environment will foster long lasting, healthy relationships with owners and their reptiles. Pet owners who provide suitable habitat and adequate levels of enrichment will also promote long term captive care success for their pets.

Whether you have one or twenty reptiles, all pets should have access to a safe and comfortable warm cosy enclosure with or without a UV filter. An ideal housing solution will include a multi-level safety harness with a lanyard and hood. Many reptile enclosures will include a substrate or ‘hardwood’ floor, which should be made from UV stabilized polyethylene, similar to hardwood. In addition to UV stabilization, PVC coated polyethylene is non-allergenic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This material is highly flexible for use in all sizes of reptile enclosures and will not absorb moisture easily, making it the perfect substrate choice for all sized pets.

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