Pvc Reptile Enclosure is an innovative concept, which is used to create the perfect habitat for your pet reptiles. The entire concept of this concept is nothing but bringing you the most superior environment for your reptile husbandry. The idea is not to mar the natural habitat, but instead to enhance the quality of life and at the same time allow the pets the liberty of moving about freely, as they desire. With a good environment, even the sickly ones can grow better and live a healthy and longer life.

Many animal enthusiasts do not have an exclusive enclosure for their reptiles. It is because they think that these animals require a special enclosure to stay happy and healthy. But the truth is, these reptiles actually need more space than what is actually required by them. A suitable enclosure for your reptile should be spacious enough to provide the necessary room for exercise or running around. And since these animals are mostly not very active, a smaller sized enclosure is really enough to keep them happy and healthy.

The concept of using a PVC pipe as the main material for a reptile tank has already been adopted in the US, especially in Florida. The state is known for the success of the fish tanks in their exotic species. But even then, the idea of using a fish tank was not new. But the original design incorporated a mesh top with sloped sides. This mesh top had the dimension of about forty gallons, which was adequate for the smaller-sized species like lizards. However, as the demand for these units grew, the designers made some changes in the designs of these tanks to improve their efficiency and make them more useful for various types of reptiles.

Today, the most popular type of the aquariums available in the pet shops are the ones that are made from glass. These units have the clear glass front, which is attached to a metal frame. On the other hand, the PVC enclosures are constructed from the strong plastic. The reasons for this are the greater safety provided by the glass enclosures, and the easier cleaning of the PVC material. However, the cost of these enclosures is about half of that of the glass tanks.

When we talk about the heating units, it is the PVC enclosures that are more efficient than the heat bulbs. It should be mentioned here that the PVC material allows the heat circulation easily, and thus the warm air inside can be circulated better than the heat bulbs. However, it is undeniable that the heat produced by the bulb is much higher than the air movement within the PVC enclosure, and so in this case the choice between the two is purely dependent on the requirement of the reptile being housed.

The humidity well of the enclosure is also extremely important when it comes to the proper housing of the pets. The UV rays of the sun can greatly harm the delicate skin of the reptiles. So, it is advisable to use an enclosure with a proper temperature gradient. This temperature gradient allows the humidity to be regulated, thereby allowing the moisture levels to stay in balance, and protecting the pets from any damages caused due to the high temperatures.

While discussing the lighting systems for the pets, it is absolutely mandatory to mention here that it is better to use a halogen lighting system for the UVB and UVA lighting, as compared to the regular incandescent bulbs. Both the systems emit light in the ultraviolet wavelength. However, the UVB lights have the capability of producing the heat needed to kill the reptiles, and the UVA lights are capable of producing the radiation that is harmful to the skin of the reptiles.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the tank has a good filtration system and that it has a good water pump. If you wish to keep amphibians in the tank, you must make sure that it is well-maintained. It must not be dirty or have visible parasites. You must ensure that the air quality inside the enclosure is good. All these aspects will help you keep your pet reptiles healthy and happy.

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