lizard Drawing Tutorial Part 1 – Getting Started With Dragon Art

If you love reptiles and have kids, it might be time for some lizard drawing pictures. Kids are fascinated with reptiles. They draw them in their papers and when they have a pet of their own.

The first step in lizard drawing is to get your drawing tools. The pen needs to make small markings on the animal’s body. You could do that with either a brush or with a colored pencil. Now let’s move onto the head. It is lots of fun to do this step.

Some people like to draw their lizards in the actual shape of their head. This isn’t difficult. All you have to do is draw a straight line down the center of the skull. Once you have your lines, you will need to find a way to create a curved line underneath. That is how you can make a lizard head look more like a real lizard’s head.

The next step in lizard outline drawing is to use a two by four and draw a long narrow strip along one side of your ‘line’. This should about be two inches long. You then take your two by fours and draw two narrow stripes down the two by fours. The two by fours can be used to draw the two wide stripes and the narrow stripes to guide your reader to the main body of your lizard.

Now you want to draw the rest of your lizard’s body on top of the two by fours. This should roughly follow the same curved lines that you created in the previous step. It will be easier to see the body of your new lizard once you have it on paper. You will need to continue to draw the entire body on top of your two by fours in this step.

Now you have drawn all of the basic body parts of your lizard drawing and it is time to move onto the outline of your tail. For this step you will simply need a piece of heavy cardboard or a separate piece of cardboard that has a flat bottom. You will need to trace a good circle on the cardboard with the help of a pencil and you will have a nice easy to follow circle for your lizard’s tail outline.

This is one of the easiest lizard drawing tutorials I ever did. I was amazed at just how easy this was and I would highly recommend it to any new lizard drawing enthusiast. All of us just had a bit of trouble when we first started out, but after following the instructions we were all set up and ready to draw our own lizards in no time at all.

The last step in this tutorial is to complete your lizard drawing and to do so you will need a simple brush and paper. Trace your lizard’s front and hind legs onto your paper and then fill in the rest of the sketch with either black or grey color. This is how you give your drawing a much more three dimensional look, and you might want to keep with the same style throughout your drawing. If you change the style around you will have a different looking lizard going back and forth.

The next step is to fill in your outline of your lizard drawing with either black or grey paint. Do this over until your lizard head is completely visible. Once you are happy with your drawing, you are now ready to begin shading. Go to the pencil tool and start drawing your scratches into your sketch. These are the same kind of strokes you applied to your front and hind legs before in order to create that three dimensional look. As you continue to do so, you will get an idea of how your lizard will look when finished.

In this first part of the lizard drawing tutorial I mentioned that you should be using a pencil as opposed to a brush. This is the first major difference between the two that you will notice when you are finished. Using a brush will take more time and effort when drawing because you have to learn how to make the strokes on the paper look like they are made out of actual lizard skin. The same is not true when you use a pencil because you do not need to learn how to draw with precision.

The last major difference in this drawing tutorial is that you will now start to learn how to add the features of your dragon with shading. Shading will help you give your lizard characteristics such as stripes or spots depending on how you would like to make them. By completing these four basic steps you will be well on your way to drawing your first dragon character.

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