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Learning How To Draw A lizard – Step 1

So you want to learn how to draw a lizard. You probably have seen them in books or on television and even thought about drawing one yourself. The good news is you can draw a lizard without ever leaving your house!

First you need to prepare your supplies. You will need a sheet of cardboard, graphite pencils or mechanical pencils, two colors that match each other, a sheet of paper that is at least two inches by two inches, and either a brush or rags. Next you want to prepare a warm comfortable environment. You are going to do this while sitting or laying down. This should be a place that is not too hot or cold. Lighting is also important so you can see what you are doing.

The next step in your lizard drawing adventure is to draw the head. First put the head on your sheet of paper and make sure that you get an accurate representation. Now will color where it goes i.e. the top of the head. This may seem simple but if you did this step correctly, your lizard head will look like a lizard actually took a bite off your paper.

Moving on we will continue with the rest of our sketches. The next step in this tutorial will be to draw the body. For the body, simply line it up as it appears on the top of your page. Next you will want to color in the little spikes that are on its legs. Do this by placing a dot in each spot. That way when you get to the end of the drawing you have your little Spiked beard!

The last step in this lizard drawing tutorial will be to add the legs. To do this first draw your lizard’s leg, and then its tail. You will know that you have the right lengths as the legs will be the same length as the tail. Next you want to add the legs, and now you have a very realistic looking lizard walking about on your paper.

The final step in this short but informative tutorial will be to add the eyes. To do this first draw your lizard’s eye. If you are drawing a red leopard lizard, then use the dot grid to make sure that you place the dot in the exact spot. Next draw a line going from corner of eye to corner. Repeat these steps to make your lizard look really realistic.

If you have not been looking at lizards very much, or don’t know too much about these wonderful animals, lizard drawings are really not that hard to do. Once you have finished one drawing you will automatically start wanting to draw more of these magnificent creatures. And they are not hard to draw at all. In fact, this is an excellent way to learn about various types of lizards and their natural behaviors.

By following the above steps you should have no problem being able to draw any type of lizards. This can be a very fun hobby for children as well as adults, and you may even develop some lifelong friends by starting to draw all of these amazing creatures. Good luck with your lizard drawing adventure!

The fifth step is to make sure that you have drawn all of your lizard’s important features. The most important feature to focus on here are the eyes. You need to show off all of the detail, including the pupils of the lizard. Make sure that your sketch looks good, and try to get hold of the tip of your thumb and paint a straight line from the base of the eye to tip. Then draw the rest of the face.

Learning how to draw a lizard should not be a difficult process. When you begin, keep it simple. There are no special skills that are needed to draw lizards. Just as with any other art form, the best results are obtained when the artist draws with a limited number of key strokes. Keep your strokes simple, and you will find that learning how to draw a lizard is easy.

After you have finished the basic steps described above, you will probably want to experiment with some of your sketches. If you do, be sure to work through the entire tutorial before you try out another sketch. This way you will know if the tutorial is providing you with the information that you need in order to produce the best drawings possible. Learning how to draw a lizard is fun and challenging, but the best results come from following the tutorial to the letter. Following this tutorial will show you how to become an expert at drawing reptiles.

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