Reptile heating tape comes in handy in any environment where the temperature can change rapidly. It is also called reptile heat tape, electric reptile heating tape or static electric heat tape. It’s an adhesive tape typically made out of thermoplastic or synthetic polyethylene, rubber like material. It can be used in various applications.

reptile heating tape

Reptile Heating Tape has the ability to keep your substrate heated. This is achieved by the tape’s heat sensitive resin which has the ability to heat the substrate at the most appropriate rate. It can provide up to an hour of sustained heating. For this reason, Reptile Heating Tape is perfect for reptile enclosures, aquariums, breeding tanks, veterinary clinics and facilities, nurseries and homes. You can also use Reptile Heating Tape for heating a variety of other items such as, food containers, feeders, breeding cages, heating pads, display cabinets, heating panels, lighting, heating pads, water tanks, water proofing, paint tints and the list goes on.

Reptile Heating Tape has the unique ability to be applied and peeled off repeatedly. Once it has been applied, simply peel it away and reapply, until the substrate has been warmed. There are no special care instructions for reptile heating tape. It’s easy to use and works well with all types of substrate. The heat applied through Reptile Heating Tape bonds better with the substrate, resulting in longer lasting adhesives.

Using Reptile Heating Tape isn’t only useful for reptile enclosures; you can also use it to provide a heating source for your pet turtles or lizards. This will give them a gentle source of warm surface heat, without exposing them to the dangers of electric bulbs or heat sources from fireplaces, kettles, stoves, and other heat sources. Reptiles are very susceptible to cold, so providing a heat source of any kind is beneficial to all reptiles. Reptiles will stay warm much longer when they are warm, and you’ll have much less trouble with frostbite for your lizards.

Reptile Heating Tape comes in a variety of colors, which will allow you to coordinate the tape with the rest of your enclosure’s decor. There are a wide variety of adhesives that you can use to coat the back of your substrate, and will keep your substrate looking new and attractive for many years. Reptiles love Reptile Heating Tape, but it’s not just for their living space. If you have a fish tank, you can tape the tape onto the outside of your tank, and place it underneath the rocks or decorations. You’ll find that your fish and lizards will be more comfortable if you provide a heated, safe spot to rest.

The Reptile Heating Tape comes with a heat probe, as well as some bubble mailers to place around the edges. Because heat is a common threat to lizards, these are designed to prevent heat from escaping and maintain the heat level inside your tank or habitat. A heat probe works by emitting heat that is reflected back into the substrate, and the bubble mailers function by reducing the air gaps in the probe and allowing more heat to escape. Using two different sized heat probes, you can easily keep different types of lizards or snakes in separate aquariums.

Reptile Heating Tape also comes in the form of an airtight strip along with the heat probe. When you first put the tape on your substrate, put some Reptile Heating Tape along the base, press down on the strip, and then stretch the strip over your substrate, being careful to leave about half an inch of exposed substrate at the base of the tape. After you’ve placed the heat probe on the tape and gently pressed down, you should find that the substrate will take on a particular temperature. Be careful not to place the tape underneath something where it will get moisture, such as plant roots, because the tape will expand if it gets wet.

The Reptile Heating Tape isn’t the only solution to keeping your lizards warm. Lizards and snakes also enjoy warm cages, so feel free to invest in a reptile chitter. You can hook this up directly to your hot plate or to your regular thermostat, and the sound it makes will keep your reptile cage from freezing into ice. Just make sure to purchase a humane chitter for your pet turtle or gerbil, because you don’t want to hurt them. Some gerbils like to chitchat with their owners while they are inside the cage, so this is an excellent way to bond with your pet animal.

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