Lizard That Looks Like A Dragon

Is It A Real Dragon?

Have you ever seen a lizard that looks like a dragon? If so, you are not alone. This particular creature is called the Southern Pied Horned lizard (or Photurus cornutus). They are found throughout the world and can live up to 60 years.

When most people think of a dragon they think of the kind that resides in the clouds in the movies. This is not the only kind of dragon out there. You can actually find this animal living in the woods. And it does have four toes, unlike the average lizards.

The word dragon got its start somewhere around the eighties. Many people begin referring to all animals with this kind of name. This is not a real dragon though. This is a kind of lizards that only has two legs and no tail.

The most common times that these animals are found in the wild are in swampy areas. They love to hide in their wet habitats. And the humidity of these wet areas can make them incredibly strong. Another reason they are so commonly found is because they like to eat mosquitoes. Mosquitoes sting a lot, so a mosquito that is close to a lizard can be a meal.

The Southern Pied Horned lizard can be found in North America. They do tend to be more colorful than other lizards, so this makes them very popular. They have rich colors of red, orange and black. They are also different from other horned lizards in that they have a thick hide, and they have spines that jut out at right angles.

These animals are usually nocturnal. Their natural habitat is found in damp forests. This means you will not see them out and about in the hot sun. But they do like to spend time in the evening, basking in the sunlight.

They are nocturnal because they do not like the heat. During the day, their bodies become overheated, and they have trouble moving around. Instead, they choose to sleep at night, basking in the light. This way they can conserve energy. When it is time for them to move, they cannot.

This is an animal that is about 5 inches long. It has big strong legs and can weigh up to twenty pounds. They can grow long bodies, with a head that is very large. The males of this animal may have bright red eyes. Other than that, they look pretty much like any other kind of lizard.

These animals are very friendly. If you hold one in your hand, it will look very relaxed. Its body will be so smooth, and you can tell that it is a very good companion. They love to be held in the hands, but do not like having their heads held.

Lizards like to make their homes in burrows and brush piles. This is their natural habitat. You might think that a dragon would not like to live in a house, but these are quite happy living in a small apartment. They will enjoy climbing a tree and watching the twigs and leaves. Sometimes, they like to watch the bird feeders, too.

These are not pets that you pick up and let loose around your home. They are much more aggressive than that. They will keep you on your toes. They can be very hard to train. If you get one, it is best if you already have some knowledge on lizard behavior.

You should be very careful if you choose to bring a reptile or lizard into your home. Some of them are poisonous, and you have to be very careful around children and animals. Most of these reptiles are fairly friendly. In fact, you will probably find that you enjoy their company so much that you will want to keep one as a pet.

The biggest question is if you can provide everything the lizard needs. They need large enclosures with rocks and other places to climb and hang out. It would be best to get your lizard from somewhere like the animal shelter. However, if you are willing to spend a little money on a quality pet, then you may want to consider keeping one as a pet. If you like the idea of having a dragon in your home, then go ahead and make your purchase.

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