If you have ever wondered what a lizard that looks like a dragon would be like, then here are some things that you might want to know. I call him “My lizard friend” for obvious reasons. He is my four legged cousin whom I have saved since he was about three months old. He goes with me camping trips and other adventures in the great outdoors.

The first time I saw him was at a friend’s home. They were sitting on their bunks looking out over their yard when suddenly, a reptile-like creature jumped out from behind them. It was so realistic-looking that I thought I might actually see its head comes off. I was pretty excited because I love to hunt, but not at that moment. I just stared in amazement as this thing slowly walked up to us.

Anyway, the guy was standing next to his bunk and was telling his friend that his lizard friend was up and walking around the edge of the bunk. My friend was just dumbfounded at this. He didn’t know what to make of it and kept looking at his friend wondering what on earth had happened to his pet.

Eventually my friend got up and poked his head up to see what was going on. To his horror, there was a scaled armor-clad lizard right behind him. Its tail was as large as a Volkswagen Jetta and it looked as though it was protecting its body very well. Its face was white and its head was blue and wobbled a little when it moved. It was just a bit hard to tell if its tail was wiggling in place or not.

Then my friend whipped out his cell phone and called the police. They arrived just in time to take the badly frightened lizard away. The officers who came to the scene did not think much of the lizard and thought it was a rattlesnake. They couldn’t see past the scales on its face and could not determine how old it was. They also couldn’t see where the lizard came from or why it was hanging out on the roof in the first place. One of the officers ended up taking a picture of the lizard because he was so scared.

Evergreen Lizards is native to Australia but has now managed to make homes in the United States and other places all over the world. Some people say they look like a dragon because they have a dorsal stripe that runs along their spine and they have small heads with pointed ears and they are generally green with red coloring on their tail. However, they are actually not dragons. They are different species. There is only one species in the entire world that can be considered a dragon and that is the Alligator Vole.

Some people claim that these lizards are dangerous and could attack a person if they were not properly frightened. I would like to see someone prove me wrong because I do not believe that any reptile in the world would attack unless it were threatened. I think if you saw one in the wild and it bit you, it would probably not bite you back unless it was protecting you from another snake.

There are many other lizards that people don’t like such as the Brown Recluse which is very aggressive and will attack you on sight. The Brown Recluse also has a venomous bite and the cobra snake has long sharp teeth. But, most of all, don’t give yourself a scare because there is no reason to. These are harmless reptiles that you can keep as pets around your home for a while. If you are going to start looking for a dragon lizard look for one that is fully equipped for the pet you plan on keeping.

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