Iguana wrestling is not something that is on my bucket list of pro wrestling moves. But many a times when I see the guys at the wrestling competitions, they all have some sort of crazy Iguana gimmick that they perform. It’s pretty amazing. Here is a real life example:

Iguana Wrestling

Every night someone would come up to me in the gym and they would be like, ” yo, what happened to you today, you were just in the gym and I was just watching you took your shirt off and you’re now gotta wrestling a little girl.” Then I would go home and I would start YouTube and all I found were some pretty hilarious little videos of guys that had some sort of iguana wrestling gimmick. So that is when I started to seriously think about doing some Iguana wrestling. It is pretty funny.

The first match that I remember is about a little girl who was about eleven years old and she was about to win her first match. The guy that she was fighting against was pretty good. He has short hair and green eyes, kind of pale skin and the usual. He had on some green and white spandex shorts and the match was about to start.

The little girl took her shirt off and she started to do a little hop, then a little leap and she put her arms behind her and did the typical jump spinning and jumping stuff, then she spun again and came down with a flying arm bar and a big ouch. That was the end of that match and she lost the match. Next match was the little kid who fought with a huge spider guy and he also put up a good fight. He wore green and white tight jeans and a green spandex shirt.

The match went to the last few seconds and this little girl put up a great struggle and won by throwing her opponent off of his feet. She won the first round but lost the second. The referee was standing and she put her foot down. The referee said ‘You have been penalized’ and she puts her foot down and says thank you very much. That little girl that fought in the little Wrestling competition looked like she was ready to quit but she kept fighting.

After the match was over, I asked her what she had learned and she said that she had learned that if she was going to get on top of an iguana, she had to be willing to do what it takes. She said that she had learned to jump right off the bottom. She had learned how to spin. Now, with her martial arts training, she could learn how to throw people and protect herself. This might be the beginning of her career as an Iguana wrestle.

If you are a parent and have an adult iguana, I would suggest that you let your little girl wrestling learn how to wrestle from her. I have seen that she has lots of spirit and is really happy. When I had given her some training classes at home, she was really proud of herself. She had started to learn how to use her legs and arms and even though she couldn’t do much, she was still learning.

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of little girls that want to be wrestlers and they love the attention that it brings to them. It is a great way for them to get exercise. Just make sure that you let your little girl learn how to wrestle before you take her to the mat. She will be glad that you did.

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