Iguana Wrestling



Iguana wrestling can be very interesting. It’s not only a great way to show off your moves, but it’s also a great way to socialize with other people. Here are some of my first memories of wrestling with fellow classmates. Enjoy!

Iguana Wrestling

The first time that I went to the hockey game with my buddies from grade school, we always ended up going iguana wrestling at the end of the day. You always have these friends who always end up getting everyone pumped up for the next big game, especially when a star player is coming to town. Every night the guys would go out after the game and we would end up, usually middle of the bar, getting ready for the big fight.

You gotta imagine this: That guy takes off his shirt, another guy takes off his shirt and then you get a big belt and tie them both together, so you now have a bigger belt to carry around, you line up nose to nose on all four legs and you angle them up so you now have a nice looking trampoline. And then the cool thing about wrestling is that you don’t need a wrestling move. You can just turn around, take a swing at someone and it doesn’t matter what move you use. You can do whatever you want.

And the cool thing is that you are really not even supposed to be afraid of these guys. I remember one time a little girl tried to start wrestling with one of the older guys in the class. She was only six years old and didn’t know anything about it, so he asked her to put her hand on the ground and let him give her a shove.

She did and he gave her a good hard shove. She looked down and said “Ouch”. She looked surprised and then started to cry. The little girl then asked her mom what she could do to stop it so the mom took her aside and asked her if she wanted to try putting her hand on the floor with a big stick. That’s when the little girl realized, “Yeh, I guess I can do that too.” The mom was really impressed by her daughter and told her she was going to be a wrestling star one day.

That’s when I first started to pay attention to wrestling and the moves involved. The more I watched and read, the more I wanted to be able to do that! So I got my own pair of iguana wrestling boots. They’re about the same height as my feet and they have a little bit more padding in the toes so that they’re a bit more comfortable to put your hands behind your back for a big takedown.

As for the moves, they’re pretty basic. You can’t let them out unless you’re doing a big push-up or something and they have a few nice submissions that I’ve never seen anyone else do (depends on who you’re watching though). The thing that is neat is that they have their own little flippy flippers that make it easy to get in on and out of, but not so easy to get out of that easily.

The little girl did a lot of talking and even mimicked some of my moves! It was very inspiring and shows just how much these little girls are motivated. These days, most little girls want to be wrestlers, and I bet yours do too. It was very cool to see.

I started to think that I might like to wrestle too. The little one kept saying that she was going to get me into it and after about ten minutes I could already see the gears turning! I started to get a little more into it and really enjoyed myself. My legs felt good and my muscles were starting to get nice and sore from all the jumping around. And then I remembered that I hadn’t trained for a while and I was rusty, which definitely didn’t help things.

But at the end of the day it was still a good experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. The little girl was so adorable and even helped us practice when we weren’t wrestling. It was a blast! But I guess I’ll have to stick to jiu jitsu now. But if I wanted to learn how to wrestle, I’d try again sometime.

I am already planning on my next match because I want to get this little girl a little tramp stamp too! She just loves stamp collecting. In fact, I might even take her shopping with me one day. I might buy her some stuff you know. I always want to get a little advice or something from an expert, but I usually turn those people down.