Iguana wrestling is something I have never seen but I have heard it before. A friend of mine in high school once told me that if he could have fought an iguana he would have done it. He said it was like wrestling them. You could barely see them but they were right next to him and just tried everything he could to take him down like a sack man. He told me it was like wrestling snakes and that they were so thick they could grow into you. He didn’t say they were snakes though.

So let’s get onto the story. Every night after a hockey game many guys would go to the bar after the game, sit down with some beer and watch the game. One of those guys, well you could call him a geek for what he does but he goes home with a signed ticket, because obviously he paid for the tickets and the beer. That guy’s name is Rob from Toronto and every time he comes to town, the Gaudirushi are signing autographs all over.

Well this guy decided one day to take his collection of memorabilia and purchase an iguana for some money. He went to a pet store and bought himself a female iguana. He named her Gretta and he was really excited about her. He took her home and began training her, trying to figure out how to wrestle.

About a week later he went to the wrestling camp and started wrestling. He was good at it. Then one night he decided to wrestle someone who wasn’t really that good at wrestling. This guy took him down really easy and when the ref started counting to ten he jumped out of the crowd to one of the fans and tackled the guy. The fans started screaming at him and then he went down to the mat and tried to push his opponent out of the ring.

He ended up getting dumped in the basement by a steward. He went back to the store and bought some more tickets. About a week later he went to a local wrestling show. He knew all of the wrestlers there so he asked them if he could sign autographs for them. A few guys said sure but then another wrestler came up with a reason why he couldn’t sign autographs.

“We only sign wrestlers who have real skill.” The guy told Rob. So Rob went home and started researching on his iguana. He found out that they were carnivores and didn’t have very good vision so they couldn’t see in the dark.

He then found out that they lived in Florida and that they made their habitats in sewer pipes. The smell is a huge problem in the wrestling business, so that is where he got his idea. He brought his pet in with him and they spent the whole day walking around and the other guys started talking about how cool it looked. Soon enough the guy had his own wrestling school and even began to wrestle a little high school football.

Today the business is still going on. He teaches classes to kids who are interested in this type of wrestling. People from all over the world to attend his classes. He also travels around promoting his program. I’ve seen him on infomercials too!

I visited him once and was fascinated by his iguana pets. They were so pretty and there were even fuzzy ones! They reminded me of hamsters because they move around really well. Rob told me that he would break into his pet store anytime and bring back a new pet. He said that most people aren’t patient with the iguana so it takes time for them to adjust.

In the beginning you will want to start slow. Just see if the animal can take to wrestling. If it doesn’t take to it, get some other animals in there to give it some competition. It might be a wise idea to keep the smaller animals away until it gets used to the crowds. The wrestlers usually like to have more height in their wrestling matches so if you have an iguana that’s pretty small to get them in there some where else.

When it comes to iguana wrestling you will want to keep them safe throughout the process. Keep them in a secure place for the entire match. You will also want to make sure they are taken care of after the match. Get them checked out regularly and make sure they are eating well. You want them to be healthy for the entire match!

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