In this article we are going to cover the second step on how to draw an iguana. After your drawing course you will be able to tell the difference between a regular iguana and an iguana that is called a “venomous” iguana. Iguanas do not have front claws, but they do have terminal claws and they grow in instead of out. They will have small dark eyes and they will have black tipped nails.

iguana drawing

Step One – Learn how to draw a human face by drawing the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Once you understand the concept of making the head look round you will be ready for step 8 which is learning how to draw the hind leg. Start with the hind leg and work your way up to the front leg. You should have one of your fingers inside the foot you are drawing. You will need to use a pencil to do this.

Step Two – Use a straight edge and draw a square or rounded oval onto a new piece of flat paper. Next draw four straight lines across the top of the oval. These lines will act as a guide for the other steps. The last step is to use your ragged pencil and create a perfect square or rounded oval. This will act as your guide when it comes to drawing the spine.

Step Three – Now that we have created the perfect oval, we need to draw the lower half of our iguana. The first thing you want to do is put two parallel lines directly below the shoulders. These will act as the ribs for the iguana. Now remember to put a slash or a straight line across the bottom of the iguana’s back so you know where the spine will fit.

Step Three – Now it is time to learn about the spines. The spines are located at the base of the iguana’s neck. You will notice that each vertebrae has three to four small bones hanging off of it. These bones will connect to the other vertebrae which will form the rest of the spinal column. You will be using these spines to guide your iguana through its daily activities.

Step Three – Now that we have created the basic drawing of an iguana, we can begin working on the coloring. This will probably take the most time of all the steps above. Most people start off by creating the basic outline of the head and shoulders using the light green color pencil. Now draw the rest of the body in the same way.

Step Four – Now it is time to draw the legs on the iguana. Start by creating the flippers on the bottom of the iguana’s body. Remember to make sure you put a slash or straight line underneath the legs so you know where they go once you draw them. Also be careful not to draw too many lines over the top of the body or you will be left with an awkward looking iguana.

Step Eleven – Finally we will finish up the basic drawing of an iguana by adding the eyes and other features. To make the eyes stand out, make sure you draw the iris in three separate shades of green, brown, and black. Start with a small round ball inside of the eye, and then fill it with black crayon.

Step Seven – After everything is done and dried, it is time to start with the head and shoulders. The simplest way to draw a head is to use a large circle, but if that doesn’t work, just take a piece of paper and create the shape of the head on it. Next, move your forelegs and put them inside of the circle you created to keep the head from looking like it is sticking out through the holes in your forelegs. Also, be careful not to draw the eyes too close to the hole in the leg for you to get an awkward looking creature.

Step Eight – Now you can begin to do your iguana’s hind leg. Again start with a large circle and then draw the entire leg inside of that, but this time use your light green color for the inside line. After this draw one leg at a time so that you have an idea of how you want the rest of your iguana to look. When you are finished with the hind leg, switch to your blue color for the stomach.

Step Eleven – The last step in how to draw an iguana cartoon drawing is to do the chest and face. You start by drawing a circle for the lungs. Then use your light green color as the outline for the lungs. After this draw the upper chest, using the dark green for the undershirt material. The last step is to do the facial features by making a rough sketch of each one. When you are done with this step use your light blue color for the cheeks and put on some eyelashes so that your iguana has those cute little black eyes.

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