Every night, especially when you go out to the bars, people would be, well, iguana wrestling. You can just picture this: This bloke takes off his shirt, another guy takes off his shirt, you get a big shirt, he ties it around your neck, you stuff it in your pocket and then you line up nose to nose on all four legs and then you pull it. See that?

There’s always some sort of tag team matches going on at most places. The big stars, or what I like to call “the muscles” are the wrestlers who make the moves. These are the guys who win the “stuffing” competitions at the bars. They’re the guys who are the best trained and mannered.

If they won a competition, they get the stuffings, which mean they have to give up a few things. One of those things is the championship belt. These guys aren’t just average when it comes to real competition. I mean, how many real wrestling titles do you see handed out at bars every weekend?

Let’s start with a major decision that every pro wrestler has to make. And this is a major decision whether to throw their hands in the air and give up the title. What do you do when you’re about to lose by a minute, two minutes, or three quarters of an hour? You have to get up on your board and take a dive for it, right? Or do you keep trying like mad and hope for the best?

Some guys will try for another dive, but once they get down to a certain weight and they’re no longer able to sustain that dive, they’ll change their minds and give up. I’ve seen this happen plenty of times. Guys who try desperately to win will give up a few pounds here and there throughout the week. But they don’t ever build that much muscle over the course of their twelve weeks or so at the wrestling academy. And they don’t get any better at defending themselves. In their first-period class, they start out big, but they never get better.

If you’re going to be a professional wrestler, and then get into the ring consistently, you need to gain weight and muscle quickly. The longer you stay the same weight, the longer it takes to build the muscles that are going to make you successful in the WWE. I know that the 3rd place match and the consolation tag at the end of the month will make the pay-per-view worth the money, but if you’re serious about making a living in the wrestling business, then you have to seriously consider adding some pounds to your physique. And not just a couple of pounds, but some serious size.

You can do this by following the advice that my friend Dylan gave me: Eat more often. That’s right, eat more often! I would suggest that you add thirty-five pounds of lean body mass to your frame over the course of the week. Eat until you start to see some blood in your mouth from all of those meals. Also, do your cardio on a regular basis. Thirty-five pound steps with your heart pounding are a great way to build muscle and lose weight in addition to building strength.

It’s a tough decision. I would recommend that you stay in the moment and try to get some momentum going. The more work you do to improve yourself, the better you will feel in the octagon. Eating properly and trying to push yourself to the limit are your two best options.

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