In Australia, there is a rare reptile called the “Lizard That Looks Like a Dragon”. There are many species of lizards in the world. You can find them in nature and in captivity. For one thing, these creatures have soft-shelled body, long and tail, scales and head with prominent stripes. Some of them are bright-colored and others have dull coloration. But generally, they all look alike in their features and they all are commonly called reptiles.

There is some specie of lizards that are large enough that they might be mistaken to be tamed. This kind of lizard usually has a tail much larger than its body and is much more powerful. Its legs are short in comparison to its body. This kind of a lizard might run long distances without slowing down.

The “Lizard That Looks Like a Dragon” in Australia is a non-aggressive reptile. It eats mostly insects and other vegetation in its natural environment. It does not have preys, but it does eat small animals. Its diet is mostly carnivorous. It can grow up to two meters long.

The “Lizard That Looks Like a Dragon” is also called the Brown Legged Dragon. It belongs to the family of monitor lizards and is an inhabitant mostly in dry woodlands and deserts. The adult lifespan is around seven years. It lives in arid regions, where it feeds on various types of small insects.

It possesses a thick skin, large tail and red eyes. Its back is leather-like with dark colored spots. It has short legs, long tail, head with a row of horns, and reddish-orange coloration. It can easily camouflage itself. Some varieties of this lizard might resemble a large mouse.

If you want to add to your collection of lizards, then “The Lizards That Look Like a Dragon” is a good choice. It is said to be one of the most beautiful and stunning lizards in the world. It can easily blend in with any habitat since it can easily change its appearance in an instant. It is also said to be one of the most intelligent lizards in the world. Due to its magnificent features, it is widely used as a pet.

The “Lizards That Look Like a Dragon” is not as aggressive as some others, however it still does not let any prey escape. They do not usually venture too far from the safety of their burrows. They will remain quite to hide from predators. They are very cautious about their hides and only go out when they are threatened or already feel insecure. They are scared of thunderstorms and huge insects. This is the reason why they do not typically venture outside their dwellings.

In the Australian grasslands, there exists a green lizard called the Green Anole. This green lizard also has a color that closely resembles that of a dragon. The tail of this lizard is very long, and it has numerous spikes along it like the scales of a dragon. Its head is also very large, and it stands on its hind legs much like the dragon.

The Painted Lady Monitor lizard is a medium sized lizards in the Australia region. It is one of the few non-aggressive reptiles in the vicinity of humans. Its name was taken from the markings that cover its entire back. These markings consist of a yellow body with dark spots on it, as well as red marking around its head and tail.

The Coiled lizard is one of the two true dragon species in Australia. Its scientific name is Lysmata Medius, and it is known for its unique features, such as its tail that curls around its entire belly. Its head stands erect, its neck has a row of spike-lined skin, and its prehensile tail has two long pointed hooks.

The Southern Painted lizard is another variety of lizards found in the Northern region of Australia. It has a thick brown colored body with red and gray colored spots on it. The legs are short, while the wings are wide. It has red-orange coloring around its face and its tongue is long. Its prehensile tail stands erect.

All these species are said to be one of the most commonly encountered lizards in the wild. The only reason behind the prevalence of these creatures is that they can actually take up residence in places where people don’t dare to go or even think about going. This makes them very adaptable and able to survive in a variety of climates and conditions, which makes them a good choice for a lizard owner.

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