A lot of people, including snake hunters, have asked Dr. T Snake-Off how to get rid of snakes. Many people seem to be afraid that the snake is going to eat them, choke them, or poison them. What they don’t know is that snakes are actually very intelligent and are usually too scared to attack humans. This makes snakes a great option for a garden as long as you know how to handle them safely. Below is a list of tips on how to snake proof your garden.

snake away

Dr. T Snake- Away is the only EPA approved, internationally tested, and scientifically proven snake repellent in the world. Effective up to 2 weeks, Dr. T Snake- Away uses a natural, low toxicity, plant-based compound to keep snakes away. It works by chemically reacting with the body’s own natural snake repelling compounds, such as those found in plants. Unlike other snake repellents, this formula never affects sleeping adults, children, or pets. It is easily applied twice a week and won’t get washed away easily in the rain.

*Zerkze- This snake repellant contains a unique, all natural ingredient called “Zot”. This plant-based ingredient is safe for both children and adults. This formula has been clinically proven to deter and keep snakes away without any negative side effects. Zot will not damage or discolour paint, fabric, or jewellery. The active ingredient in DrT Snake- Away will keep snakes away from your deck, patio, garden bedding, and other areas where they might want to go.

*Zerkze- A patented snake repellent that keeps snakes away from your home, garden, decking, or any other area you may want to keep them away from. While still available from the manufacturers, this product is not widely distributed due to some of the ingredient’s drawbacks. Due to the way Zerkze is made, if left in the open it will discolor anything it comes in contact with, including bricks, rocks, tiles, or wood. Zerkze should only be used in enclosed areas. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, or skin sensitivities should consult with their physician before using this brand of snake repellant.

*Drone- Away is also available in a dry granular mix. This dry granular mixture is an excellent option for camp sites, boat launches, and other locations where snakes might be found. This snake repellant is a solid block that will last, providing you with many hours of enjoyment. Its non-toxic property makes it a great choice for anyone with a sensitive skin condition, and its effectiveness is guaranteed. Its effectiveness can last up to a year with proper care. You can use Drone in areas around your home as well as your RV and campsite.

The benefits of using a snake-a-way snake repellant with all of these kits is that they are both safe and effective, both when used in and around the home and around your RV. Their effectiveness is guaranteed, and they’re also easy on the environment. There are no chemicals used, and no need for a campground, or even an RV site to be cleared to use them!

These two kits are very affordable, which makes it a great option for anyone on a budget. However, keep in mind that both contain the same ingredients- a dry granular mixture that includes a number of different powders. Some people have had problems with one of these products while camping or near a river, but everyone has heard horror stories about poisonous snakes. While you might not have to worry about anything serious, especially if you stay far away from them, there’s no real substitute for being sure. You can always buy an inexpensive book about poisonous snakes, as well, to help you become aware of what you should and shouldn’t do in certain situations.

The second step of this process is to apply the snake-a-way snake repellant or cream. This is simple and painless. All you need to do is spray the product on all of the areas that you wish to protect. Some people have reported an effect after just a few hours of applying the product, but others say that it took them several days to finally see any protection. The product comes in a handy small bottle that you can carry in your purse or backpack. This is definitely not a solution for snakebites everywhere, but if you absolutely must camp out at a campsite or somewhere where you’re RV and tent aren’t accessible, this is an excellent option!

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