Dr. T. Snake Away is the only EPA approved, scientifically proved, and medically proven snake repellent that’s highly effective against both venomous and harmless snakes. Effective up to two to three weeks, Dr. T Snake Away granules repel snakes by directly attacking their sensitive sensory nerves. It won’t get washed away in water and is easy to apply.

snake away

If you are wondering what this all means to you – simply put, it means that Dr.T. Snake Away is a superior, medically proven snake repellent for the home and garden hose! Simply spray around doors, windows, pool edges, plants, trees, any other area that you suspect snakes may inhabit.

The active ingredient in Dr.T. Snake Away is an MSU (Methylsulfonylmethane), which reacts with the sugars in your snake’s saliva to cause severe and lasting chemical reaction that destroys the enzymes that drive the snakes’ metabolism. This is a completely non toxic substance that’s highly effective at stopping snakes dead in their tracks.

To apply Dr.T. Snake Away, simply spray a generous amount into your garden hose and walk around the perimeter of your yard. Do this several times throughout the day on hot days and evenings. You’ll find that after a few days of consistently applying the repellent to your garden hose to keep snakes away, they’ll start to avoid your yard altogether. Since the product is an MSU, it’s highly unlikely that snakes will develop any symptoms or have any reaction to the repellent.

An additional effective method of keeping snakes away from your yard is to make use of a high quality, high concentration, all natural snake repelling granules. These granules consist of a special blend of patented, all natural ingredients. Ingredients such as copper oxide, yellow #5, mica, and rubber cochuate combine to create a powerful agent that will actively break down and deter snake reproduction. Each granule is designed specifically to target and eliminate specific species of snake. For example, there are different granules designed for all types of skinks, each one designed to rid your yard of eastern skin, red-back snakes, and the all-important king snakes.

Snake repeller snakes such as the Dr.T. Snake-Off is available in a variety of different formats. There is the Dr.T. Pro, which comes in a spray format and has an easy application system; the Dr.T. Snakesnake Repeller, which can be applied using a hand held device; and the Dr.T.

Each of these products is designed to keep populations of snakes, insects, rodents, and more under control, while simultaneously keeping your garden clean and green. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of time that snakes spend outside, as well as the number of bugs and spiders that are attracted to your garden. The total effect of three months of prevention, as well as a marked reduction in bites, is astounding. In fact, Dr.T. he states that, “It’s not unusual for a new customer to give up her new product before the first month is up.”

This is but one example of how simply making use of a proven and patent non-poisoning snake repellant is more than sufficient to keep snakes out of your garden, around homes, and even around campsites. Simply, for these reasons, it is better to leave snakes where they belong, at the zoo, rather than trying to scare them away with torches, loud noises, or other man made devices. In addition, the cost of snake oil is much higher than that of a snake repeller, especially when you consider that there are no poisons used in the repelling process. So, there is no reason for you to be scared of snakes, especially those in the wild. Just be sure that you take the appropriate precautions to make sure that your property remains safe, as well as clean and green.

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