Snake repellents may seem like a no brainer, but it is a fact that many homeowners have overlooked. In fact if you are reading this then there is a good chance that you may already be one of the many homeowners that have neglected snake repellents on their property. There are many good reasons why snake repellents should be on your property, and I will go over some of them now. First, they will keep snakes out of the yard which will make your landscape more beautiful.

The first reason to apply snake away when landscaping is that they will keep your pets and children safe from these creatures. Children will have a much easier time going after snakes because they will not think they are hurting animals when they pull them away from their pets. It is just common sense when dealing with snakes.

Another reason to use a repellent is the safety of your pets. It has been proven that if you place a snake repellent on your pets they will have less bites. Keep in mind that the more dangerous your snake is the more bites you are going to have. You do not want any of your family members to suffer needlessly due to the negligence of someone. A simple snake-a-way product label can help prevent this and keep your pets safe.

Another reason to use snake away when landscaping is the level of unpleasantness the chemical gives off. There are many products on the market that are made with various kinds of chemicals that humans are very sensitive to. For example one common ingredient is naphthalene which has been found to be very harmful to humans if exposed on a regular basis. When you spray the product anywhere where snakes are around you will give off a pungent odor similar to that of a burning paper or cardboard. Many people feel that this is an acceptable level of scent, however if you are sensitive to naphthalene you may want to opt for another repellent.

The idea of repelling snakes also helps keep them out of your yard in the first place. One method that you can try is planting a garden service. These can be placed throughout your lawn and around your bushes, trees and shrubs. These will usually repel most snakes, especially those that like to hide in the shadows. Just make sure that the ones you plant are not poisonous.

You can also use the same non-venomous repellents outside as well as inside your home. Another thing that you can try is making your yard inhospitable to snakes by eliminating shelter. You can make it impossible for them to build their nests in your grass by mowing your grass short. You can also build bird baths to help keep snakes out of your bird feeders. If you do not want to use these methods to keep snakes away then you can always put up barriers or deadfalls to keep them out of certain areas.

Regardless of what method you choose to get rid of snakes you should make sure that you read the snake removal product label very carefully. Some products may be more effective than others but they all should contain some form of non-toxic material so that they cannot harm you or any other pets or people. Also, since snake repellents are used to repel snakes, they do not necessarily go off on contact with humans or pets. So, you should always test an area where you plan to place the product before applying it.

For larger areas, like around homes, you can easily use products like Dry Granular Mixture which works by releasing a spray that has a non-reactive ingredient that will not harm humans or animals. If you have multiple snakes and need to get them out of a specific space then you can use a snake spray to eliminate them quickly. If you are camping or working in an RV then you should also have a non-reactive repellent on hand just in case you encounter a large snake.

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