Reptile Humidifier

How to Find the Best Reptile Humidifier and Fogging Units

The Reptile Humidifier is a convenient and economical way of keeping your lizards and other reptile pets dry. With this humidifier, your pets will be much happier than if you use a Styrofoam container, paper towels or tissues. Adjustable Humidification: Our low-profile ultrasonic-cool folder is ideal for small pets needing a dry environment. Unlike other brands, the Reptile Humidifier has an adjustable humidity level that is easily changed with the flip of a switch. Unlike other models which have no humidity control, the Reptile Humidifier has a built-in hygrometer that will ensure your pet’s never become too wet.

No more spraying paper towels or cleaning up messes left by dirty tissue boxes. Use our low-profile, high-flow Reptile Humidifier with suction cups to keep your pet’s humidity in check. It comes equipped with a water-soaked sponge for easy cleaning, a durable nylon hose, and durable stainless steel clips.

Adjustable Water Capacity: Keeping your lizards and reptile pets happy is easy when you use the right humidifier and correct water capacity. The Reptile Humidifier comes with a wide water capacity of three quarts. This allows you to add water as needed to maintain the proper water temperature. It’s also easy to use with its auto shut off feature that stops the humidifier when the water tank is empty.

No More Dry Skin: Our low-profile Reptile Humidifier is very helpful for keeping your pets from being too hot. If you use a Styrofoam container for your pet, you are often left with too much water left in the tank. This often results in your pets’ skin from becoming too dry. A Reptile Humidifier allows you to set the tank capacity to maintain the right moisture level. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the discomfort and burning your pets feel from excess moisture.

Refill Time: With the quality of the brands of reptile humidifiers, you can be confident they will last a long time. Most of them come with an adjustable refill time so you can choose the exact time to refill. This is great if you are taking them on a trip or camping. Or, if you suspect they might run out, but still want them nice and full, you can set the refills to come on automatically. Some brands even allow you to select your own refill blend.

Good Humidifier Brands: There are a number of companies manufacturing good reptile foggers and mystifies. The most well known is Ridgid, who produces two types of products. The first is a folder, which you simply put in the cage, turn it on, and then the second is a sprayer to mist your pets.

Easy to Use Design: One of the best features of any fogger or humidifier is the ease of use. Most of the leading brands for reptiles have simple controls that make it simple for you to operate. Some of the best features on these top reptile humidifiers include easy temperature control, low humidity setting, and automatic shut off capabilities. Many of the higher quality foggers have multiple settings and advanced features that give you the highest quality fogging and hydrating options. Some of these features include UV sanitization and carbon filters to remove chlorine from your water.

Look For the Best Quality: Something that you should look for when you are buying a fogger or vivosun pet supplies humidifier is durability. You want to make sure that you will be able to easily maintain this type of unit. Many vivosun foggers and misters have large water tanks that require very little maintenance. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors available so you will be able to find the right model for your home. You can even purchase a vivosun pet supplies reptile humidifier and longer for those long hot summer days when the heat can dry out your pets.

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