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How To Draw Iguana With Curved Lines

If you’re looking for a very unique and detailed animal drawing, Iguanas may be your best choice. It’s not uncommon to find drawings of iguanas that are so realistic that they could pass for a large and exotic animal. These are very detailed drawings of an animal that has become almost a part of our culture. For anyone that loves the look of an iguana, but doesn’t understand all of the hard work and care that goes into keeping one healthy, these drawings are a great place to start.

One of the most important steps to take when trying to draw an iguana is to learn as much about the animal as possible. There are approximately 30 different species of iguana that inhabit tropical areas of the Americas and many surrounding islands. Iguanas actually live on the ground, burrow deep underground, climb trees, swim in the ocean, and even swim inside fish tanks. The largest iguana can reach well over 6 feet in length and weight nearly 15 pounds. It’s no wonder that an iguana drawing is so detailed because it takes such effort to care for these animals.

Iguanas really only two color, which are green and brown. Because of their specialized coloring, they can be quite difficult to draw as other reptiles. Fortunately, if you do decide to attempt Iguana coloring activities, you’ll have a better time with a friend or family member. Most people prefer to draw Iguana as a group, so this will increase your chances of success. However, if you do decide to draw one by yourself, remember that you’ll need extra help. This is where internet access, friends, and family come into play.

The first step to start with is to purchase a good drawing program for computer or the Internet. Just make sure that it has the basics that you need like a pen, paper, crayons (or colored pencils), a highlighter, and a good eraser. Next, take your colored pencils or crayons and lightly sketch in the basic body shapes, eyes, and tail. You can begin to branch out from here and add extra details. The basic idea behind this is to have something you can use as a guide when you draw the actual Iguana.

The second step to learn to draw reptiles is to sketch in your head what you want to achieve. This is actually the most fun step to complete since you can now see what you’re doing on paper. To do this, take a sheet of paper and draw the basic outline on it. Next, think about how you would want to fill in this outline and what kind of shapes you would like to have. This is just the beginning of your journey to drawing your Iguana.

The third step to learn to draw reptiles is to start to do some basic color drawing. You can start by making some simple black and white sketches. Focus on drawing out your Iguana’s face, neck, and ears. Next, think about shading your skin so that it matches your sketch of your Iguana’s head.

The fourth step to learn to draw reptiles is to use a pencil to highlight the areas of your head where you’re intending to put additional details. In this step, try and draw out your Iguana’s glowing belly, throat, eyes, and tail. When finished with all of these steps, be sure to erase all of your previous drawing with a clean sheet of paper. Try and replace this new one using a fresh pen and make sure you put lots of light on your work.

Iguana is one of my favorite reptiles to draw. This is why I continue to go through these steps to learn to draw reptiles in the first place. Drawing a reptile is a lot of fun and it makes a great project for children to do. If you’re just getting started with drawing reptiles then take a look at my site for some more information on how to draw reptiles. By the time you’re done with this article, you should have everything you need to get started on your first professional level drawing.

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