Are you interested in drawing? If you are, then I’m sure you would like to learn how to start off with your iguana drawing. First of all, it is important for you to know that it’s not so difficult to draw an iguana if you only know what to do and to keep yourself focused. This article will tell you what you need to learn in order to start off with your own iguana drawings.

The first step that you need to take when drawing is the setting up of the paper and the medium you will be using to draw on. You can choose to use the paper and pencil of your choice as well as different kinds of media such as water-soluble marker or chalk. The most commonly used medium is water soluble marker, as it is very easy to clean up. Next, you need to choose a sturdy yet thin point pen that is not too thick and of course, not too small. When choosing a pen for your iguana, you should also consider the size of the writing surface you’ll be working on.

The next step in this short guide on how to begin your iguana drawing is to draw the head first. You can either do this in pencil or with pencil and ink. Make sure that you have your model in the exact position so that you can see how everything should look like once you are finished. You can do the coloring activities on top of the head or in the same plane as the face. You can choose from many coloring activities, such as creating tree bark or adding details to the eyes.

Another step in the learning process is to draw green color on your model’s head. For this step, you can use your black felt tip pencil or the white pencils. Light green color represents the eye. In order to give your iguana more of a 3D effect, use a combination of light green and dark brown. You can add more details to your iguana’s head by using light brown and black strokes.

Next, you can do some coloring activities on the rest of your iguana’s body. The chest and stomach area is usually where most people start with their coloring activities. You can draw a heart or a stomach lining using the lightest of color pens, such as the darkest gray. You can use these same colors to create a more defined outline on the rest of your iguana’s body. You can also add details to your iguana’s legs by coloring them in a light green or light brown.

The final step for this quick guide on how to begin your iguana drawing is to draw the hind leg on the paper. Start by making a straight line from the base of your tail to the tip of the hind leg. Use light green color markers to make a nice even border on the front and back of your iguana’s hind leg. You can then use these same colors to create a more defined outline on the rest of your iguana’s back.

For the next part of this quick step by step guide on how to draw an iguana, you will need to create a body outline around the entire outside of your iguana’s body. Use dark tan and brown shading to make a body outline. You can do a free-hand sketch of what your iguana might look like. Then draw the outline of your iguana’s body on the paper.

You can now add detail to your iguana’s head. Start with a basic round head shape. Then draw small rounded ears on one side of your iguana’s head. You can also add a little tail ring on your iguana’s tail if you want.

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