Are you looking for an easy, affordable and rewarding way of relaxing with your family? Then consider an easy Iguana drawing. This article will explain the basics of the Iguana. This is a reptile, which belongs to the iguana family. It is known by the name ‘Iguanas’ owing to the feathery greenish green foliage and reddish orange head with darkish brown eye. In addition to this, you can recognize this animal from its distinctive call – a high pitched “chirp”.

Iguanas are very beautiful reptiles, even more so than the most beautiful lizards. If you are ready to have one as a pet, follow this how-to guide. With the perfect drawing skills, you can draw any Iguana in three simple steps: Green Iguana drawing, Brown Iguana drawing and Black Iguana drawing. You need to have the following supplies to do this: Two good quality sketchbooks, A medium sized pencil and a paper.

The first step of the iguana drawing is to decide on the main animal or character of your model and draw it on a clean paper. The best and easiest way to do this is to use the paper from the cover of your sketchbook. You can see if the surface of the paper is clean and smooth or crumbly. If it is crumbly, it means that you will need to use fine tipped pens and paper either on a wet or dry background. After you decide on a basic shape like a circle, oval, rectangle or square and on the color or shade of your model, draw one or two of its most important body parts or characteristic features on the paper.

The second step in the process is to create the outline of your subject on the paper. Curved lines are used to make the outline and straight lines can be used to create a round shape. The next step is to choose the best drawing tool for your iguana drawing and this is determined by how you will express your character or animal in your iguana drawing. There are drawing tools made of wood, plastic or metal and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. You will know better which one will suit your purpose best after you try using it.

The third step in the process of how to draw an iguana is to select a preferable size for your iguana and draw it on a single piece of paper. After you have finished the basic body outline, you can start making the facial features and this is done by creating the mouth with the aid of a pencil. Straight and curvy lines are using to make the mouth while the rounded ones are used to create the cheeks and the nose.

The fourth step in the iguana drawing process is to draw the eyes and this is done with the help of a cone tip pen. After this step, you will be able to move on to the next area and this is the abdomen. In this stage, you can use either curved lines or smooth ones to create the outline of the abdomen and this can be done either by selecting the side of the iguana’s belly or its hind leg. You need to remember that you need to be consistent in your drawing as you do not want your iguana to look like a different color when you have added curves to its body.

The fifth step in this how to draw an iguana cartoon drawing is the tail. It is easier to draw the tail after you have added all the other parts of the iguana. When you have got the general shape of the tail, you can start adding various colors like black, brown or even flesh tones and the finishing touch may be the use of some colorful nail polish.

The final step in this how to draw an iguana cartoon drawing involves the head. The head of reptiles is generally large compared to its body size and this is one reason why you will find many people who love to draw them. In this how to draw an iguana head step-by-step guide, you will be provided with a guide to help you draw an iguana’s head in different poses. If you are still confused about what position to adopt for the head, you may use a piece of paper to provide you with a better idea.

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