For those who are learning how to draw Iguanas, I’ve included some basic suggestions that will aid in your journey to becoming an expert illustrator of reptiles. If you follow these tips you should have no problem getting started and becoming an expert in Iguanas. By the time you are finished, hopefully you will have many suggestions for increasing your skill level. If you are just beginning, please keep in mind that it takes a bit of time to become a competent artist of reptiles. You need to practice often and keep at it.

iguana drawing

The first thing you need to do is decide on a scale image to work from. Your chosen scale image can be your head or some other item such as a paw print. For a great starting point, draw one complete half of an iguana. Next, decide on what shape you want to make your iguana’s head, you can choose a round oval, a square, a triangle, or any other shape. These basic shapes are good for freehand drawings.

Once you have decided on a basic head shape, you can begin to create more realistic and appealing shapes such as a beard, whiskerpads, neck and limbs. Again your main focus here will be creating the basic shapes of the body so make sure you stay on track. The next step is to start creating more intricate details such as scales, ridges and protrusions on your rough sketches. You will probably want to begin using thin straight strokes for most of the details. This will give your iguana more of a 3D look.

The last step in this process is to decide on what type of texture you would like to use for your iguana sketches. This is an important step as some people like to add small smooth rocks to the body of the drawing. Others prefer to sketch the fur and put in small spots of color. The choice is yours but make sure you choose something that you find attractive before you begin any drawings.

The final steps in this part of the process is to add all of your details such as eyes and a beautiful tail. The easiest way to draw a good looking tailed iguana is using curved lines. Curved lines give the illusion of length and width to any object in a drawing. Use these curved lines to create a desirable shape for your iguana’s tail.

One easy technique to use when learning how to draw an iguana with a tail is to apply a light green color to the spine of your iguana. Use a pencil to create a light green color that runs through the spine of the iguana. Then, use black pencils to create the spines.

Now that your iguana has a good balanced physique, it is time to add the more detailed body parts. First, create a rough sketch of the head with its wide open eyes and alert expression. Next, draw the lips and mouth along with its black tongue. Next, add the large round ears, floppy ears, and alert face. Finally, finish off your iguana drawing with its beautiful light green color, spines, and tail.

There are several different ways that you can learn how to draw an iguana. You can use guides and coloring books. You can purchase them and follow the steps in them. Or, there are several websites that provide you with an easy-to-follow guide and coloring activities that will help you learn how to draw your new pet in no time. All you have to do is simply search for iguana drawing and follow the easy steps. Soon you will have a beautiful drawing that you can be proud of.

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