How to Draw a Iguana – Fast and Easy



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How to Draw a Iguana – Fast and Easy

Are you looking for some simple yet good ideas on how to draw an iguana? There are many ways on how you can draw an iguana and have him look pretty much like a true iguana. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know anything about reptiles, with a little bit of effort and patience you can easily draw one. Here are some quick and easy ways on how to draw an iguana:

Green Iguana Drawing. One very good way to draw an iguana is by doing a little bit of coloring activities that would closely relate to the life of an iguana. Green Iguana coloring activities is very popular among kids and is also the easiest among all other kinds of reptile drawing activities. For green iguana coloring, start with the head and work your way down to the rest of the body of the iguana.

Green Iguana Step by Step Drawing. To complete this, you will need the following materials: crayons (small), medium, and large. You will now be able to begin the most important part of the iguana drawing, the step 4. With your lightest color, charcoal, and white paint, let your imagination fly. You can draw on the skin, using either the charcoal or the white color. You can even draw on the scales as well, if you wish.

Green Iguana Tail Points. Now that you have drawn all the necessary parts of the body, it’s time to do the most difficult part: the tail. Sketch the outline of the tail, making sure that you do not draw too tightly. Use a pencil to lightly sketch on its length. Sketch it in such a way that you see its outline clearly, but do not fill the whole body with the sketch you’ve made. Next, use a medium that has a brush tip, like an artist’s palette, to be able to add shading onto the body of the iguana.

Green Iguana Step 10: Add Some Details. After sketching the main parts of the iguana, it’s now time to add some details. Start with the head, using either the charcoal or the white color, and lightly sketching its shape. Next, use a brush to add some of its spines. Finish off your sketching by adding the eyes and its snout.

Green Iguana Step 11: Add Detail to the Forelegs. Sketch the upper part of its hind legs, taking care to add detail to its front legs as well. Once you’ve done so, use a pencil to make the first stroke. Now, take a light green color and draw on the leg in a line, beginning from the ankle and moving outward. Once you have finished this, use a pencil to make a line on the inside of the left leg and inside the right leg, starting from the ankle and moving outward.

Green Iguana Step 12: Add Detail to Its Tail. This is one of the most important parts of any green iguana drawing. Sketch the entire tail and its underside as well. It would be best to draw the tail first, and then continue with the rest of the drawings.

Green Iguana Drawing Made Easy-This is a brief yet informative guide for those who are interested in doing some simple but fun iguana coloring activities. These are simple, short, and easy to follow. You can do them at home or even improve these simple coloring activities green color pictures into an art masterpiece. Good luck and have fun drawing your favorite cartoon iguana.

Green Iguana Step One: Start with a basic iguana head. Make a rough sketch of its head, including its jaw, eyes, and teeth. You can also add a small beard if you want. Now, draw a loose sketch of its body by filling in the details of its limbs, neck, and torso.

Green Iguana Step Four: Now that you have your basic head sketch, it’s time to make some general body designs. Try drawing legs, arms, and the circular object nearest to the head as a full body outline. Continue with the other body parts separately. You can do the same for arms and the other parts of the body.

Green Iguana Step Ten: Next, you will do the finishing touches to your drawing. Use a colored pencil to draw on the fur. You can add highlights or you can just pencil in the general color of your tamed iguana’s fur. When you are done, it’s time to add a tail. You can do this step by step or you can use one large piece of your tamed lizard‘s tail and cut it to the desired length and color.