Let us learn to draw a lizard. The word lizard is so broad; it can apply to so many different animals. To help you get started, let us first discuss the general idea of lizard. While drawing it, will share the look of the more common lizard

lizard drawing

In the next step we will take the basic body structure. We can continue this step with the legs and tail or claws or head, depending on which way the lizard’s body is turned. Note that in this step you do not need to be too accurate, you just need to get the general idea. Moving on to the next part of the step 5 and 6 lizard drawing.

In the next step we will move on to the lower half of the body. Note again that for each animal, the details may vary slightly. For the lower half, continue with the upper part of the animal. Moving on from here we can continue to the next part of the step 7 lizard drawing.

In the next step we draw the two large toes of the front leg. You should be careful not to go too flat. Curve the line at the top of the toe to create a slight curve. Continue drawing the front leg and the two big toes.

The next step is to take a good look at the tail. The main focus is to sharpen up the three curved lines. Use the pencil to do this. You should be able to see the two small bones at the top and the base. These are the most important parts of the lizard drawing, and you should try to keep them as sharp as possible.

In the next two steps you will start drawing the body of the lizard. Draw each body part separately starting from the head. If you have trouble with the details, you can use an oval or a straight edge to help you. Always work from the outside of the body and work your way in.

The third step is to do the same thing with the second back leg. For the third step we will start to erase the two big stripes down the middle of the body. You can use a blunt edged blade to do this or any other tool you have. It is important to start with the best quality drawing pad or pencil so you don’t end up with fuzzy lines when you are finished.

The last step is to do the same with the tail. Draw a good sketch of the shape of the tail on the paper and erase the entire side. Make sure you erase all of the white parts as well. The easiest way to do this is to put the tail on an oval and draw the outline. Then erase the whole outline and just concentrate on creating the black area.

The fifth step is to create the head and eyes. First you will need to draw the basic shapes of the head. To make the eyes look bigger you will need to draw two circles over the eye. When it is complete, erase the upper circle and replace it with the lower circle.

The next step is to draw the body and limbs. You will need a pen to draw these items. Start with the legs and put a pencil at the beginning of each limb. Go across the body starting with the front and drawing down the side. It may take a few tries to get things exactly right but in the end it will look like a real lizard. Continue this process for each of the limbs.

Here is another tip. Although some lizards have a long body, most only have a short tail. Lizards with longer bodies are more prone to having problems holding onto their tails. The lizard that has a short tail is much better suited to having a long body. Also, the lizard with a long body and short tail is much more likely to be a lizard that preys mostly on smaller animals such as birds.

The last step is to draw the lizard s face and mouth. To do this first draw a simple square or triangle in the center of the face. Then make a round cut out of the top so that it forms the jaw. Next put a small ball of construction paper underneath so that you can easily trace the outline of the face. When you are finished do the same thing for the rest of the body.

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