Reptile Heating Tape can be called snake tape, electric reptile tape or static heat tape. Reptile tape is basically a reusable, low-cost and versatile adhesive tape that is primarily made of thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastics, or other thermoplastics. By utilizing Reptile Heating tapes you are able to easily apply it onto the surface of your substrates without the usage of any clamps, clasps or any sorts of mechanical fittings. There are numerous benefits when you use this product on your wood and concrete flooring or tiles.

The most common reason why so many people choose to use reptile heating tape for flooring is because the tape can be used for a variety of applications. For instance it is ideal for floor applications such as walkways and pathways, walk behind items, pool surrounds, hot tubs, fountains, and even around bath tubs and showers. Another very beneficial application for the product is for the purpose of cold crash protection. As you may know cold crash protection is designed to help prevent wood and concrete surfaces from sustaining damages due to water or temperature changes.

The application of this tape is perfect for heating your new member of the family. When placing the tape onto the body of the new member it is important to first outline the areas which will receive extra warmth. You should then place the tape directly over the areas that are known to retain heat such as around the ears, neck, head, chest, shoulders, hips, and legs. Once you have placed the product on the new member’s body you should immediately begin heating the individual with the Reptile Heating Tape.

To provide your reptile a comfortable warm and relaxed atmosphere while they sleep you should line their bedding with Reptile Heating Tape. Because this product is self-adhesive you can use it easily to position the tape where you need it most. By doing this you will ensure that your new pet receives the maximum amount of heat needed to maintain a proper body temperature.

In addition to providing the Reptile with the warmth it needs to stay comfortable, Reptile Heating Tape also helps to keep the new member of the family warm during the colder times of the year. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they place Reptile Heating Tape on the cold parts of the home, the temperature will decrease. This is not the case however; the product will actually increase the temperature. This increase in the temperature will help to regulate the environment within the house and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If you place the tape on the ceiling or walls, instead of along the floor or furniture, you will be able to control the temperature much more easily and effectively.

Another advantage of heating tape that makes it so popular is that it helps to regulate the temperature of the air around your new friend. If you place the tape on the windows, they may become too warm for your new reptile. In order to keep the room at a comfortable level the Reptile Heating Tape should be placed on top of the windows. You can then monitor the temperature and move the tape accordingly.

Of course, just like any heating material, there are many different kinds of Reptile Heating Tape available. Some of these tape brands are specially designed for specific kinds of reptiles, such as those that are warm-blooded. E.g. ‘Kp’ or ‘T’, or Reptile Heating Tape for general purpose.

When looking for Reptile Heating Tape to purchase, you should be careful to purchase from a reputable store. It is essential to ensure that the tape has been manufactured for use with warm-blooded reptiles, such as snakes and lizards. If the label on the packaging does not mention Reptile Heating Tape, then you should look for a Reptile Heating Tape brand that has been specifically designed for use with cold-blooded (cold-water) reptiles, such as turtles, snails, crayfish etc. If you do not check the label, you are taking a big risk with your new product by purchasing a tape that was not designed for your reptile, or one that may have some sort of adverse reaction to your new pet. Always read the label of the Reptile Heating Tape before purchasing.

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