For new and experienced breeders, the Reptile Incubator can provide many benefits to breed their own lizards. This incubator can be used in place of a conventional incubator. It is capable of temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It allows users to keep their lizards in the proper breeding temperature to make sure their new lizards are healthy. Reptile breeders are not able to raise their lizards at the standard temperature for the entire year.

The Reptile Incubator provides breeders full humidity and temperature control for caring for growing eggs. It comes with a single digital control with LCD screen, thermostat, dual heater, and many other features! Temperature range is usually between sixty-eight to eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit. It provides the best incubators for reptiles that are hardy and require low humidity to thrive.

The Reptile Incubator is designed with a one hundred percent magnetic field to keep the eggs at the correct temperature. It has a multi media base to hold numerous types of media including rock dust, wood shavings, cottonseed, and many other items. It holds five gallon capacity. It is made from high quality parts and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. With its simple operation and durable construction, it is the right one for the job.

With the Reptile Incubator you will need to monitor the humidity daily to make certain that the eggs are developing properly and remain viable. It offers two different heat cycles. The first cycle lasts up to fourteen days, while the second cycle lasts only three days. It is great for small lizard species that are only for beginners because it does not heat up very fast.

Other key features include the built in fluorescent light and auto shut off safety feature. This helps to ensure the safety of the eggs by automatically shutting off if it reaches twenty-five degrees over the set point or until it is brought back to the set point. The digital temperature control displays the current temperature. This makes it easy to monitor. It also provides a heat up guide, which shows the perfect hatch times for your lizards.

This is great for beginning reptile owners that want to get their reptile babies out of the cold and into the warmth of their homes before they are old enough to lay eggs. They also offer protection to your new pets against harmful predators and from harsh elements such as wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. In order for them to hatch at the right temperature, it is important to keep their environment at a right temperature. The Reptile Incubator allows you to monitor the right temperature to help them along.

Another great benefit of this small incubator available at DPI is that they offer safe handling and easy clean up. They do not use chemicals that could be dangerous to your reptiles. You can simply use a gentle solution of warm water and a mild detergent soap to wash them and then remove any residue that is left on the eggs. This process can be done easily at home, making this an easy option for any new pet owner.

The Reptile Incubator makes a great first reptile baby incubator purchase. They are offered in three different models, all with a wide variety of sizes and attractive designs to fit your needs. The price ranges are reasonable and the quality of construction ensures that you will get what you pay for. The Reptile Incubator makes a great first purchase for any new pet owner.

For those who want something a little more sophisticated, the Zorb is one of the best reptile incubators on the market. With a compact size and two heat settings, the Zorb is perfect for any indoor or outdoor reptile pet store. It offers an easy to clean lid and front window, along with built-in temperature gauges to ensure your hatchlings are getting the care they need.

The Hibernation Accumulator is a durable option for keeping your hatchlings warm. Its advanced, dual-axis cooling system provides the highest level of temperature and humidity control. The fully digital LCD digital display shows the relative humidity, temperatures, and humidity levels in real time. This allows you to quickly and accurately determine which hatchlings are comfortable and which ones are not, so you can make the best breeding decisions for your reptile species.

For larger reptiles, a combo incubator/thermometer is a good choice. These models combine an incubator with a special handheld thermometer. The thermometer lets you monitor the temperature and moisture levels inside the eggs. This allows you to determine when to remove the eggs from the incubator so you can transfer them directly to your tank.

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