In the movie “oros”, the young Odysseus watched as his warriors fought a large lizard that looked like a dragon. The lizard was about the same size as the Trojan princess, Clio. She and her warriors killed most of the Odysseus’ men but the princess managed to flee to a ship carrying bread and wine. It was there that she took the form of a dragon and demanded to be given shelter and food by the Greeks.

Lizard That Looks Like A Dragon

The lizard’s disguise fooled the Greeks for quite some time, allowing them to mistake it for a genuine dragon. They attacked the ship, killing many of its crew. However, the true dragon lay hidden inside the body of the creature and escaped to engage in battle with the Greek soldiers once they got into the ship. Faced with such a formidable foe, the Greeks were no match for the beast and it escaped, taking the elixir of life as its prize.

Many years later, the lizard made another appearance. This time, it didn’t look like a dragon. It was, in fact, a three-legged turtle-like creature. This creature also ambushed the Greeks on their way to Troy but despite its terrifying appearance, the Greeks were more than a match for this three legged menace. The mighty reptile was ultimately killed by a spear meant for fighting.

Whether this green-skinned predator was really a dragon is open to debate. Most believe it was a mimic of the real thing because of the similarities between its features. However, others say it was a unique species and should not be categorized as a dragon. Still, there are some characteristics that make this green-skinned serpent look like a dragon and these are what we will discuss here.

The first feature is the chest. A well-toned chest shows that this animal has good cardiovascular condition. Also, the shape of the chest indicates that the lizard may be feeding on large prey. Lizards that have strong chests have been reported catching prey larger than themselves in one try.

The next feature is the head. A dragon’s head is larger than its body and has several characteristics of a elbe deer’s head. It generally has large ears and long, rounded horns. It also has a short, broad muzzle and powerful jaw. The snout, or lower jaw, is used to manipulate small food pieces and the head is often used to hold onto slippery prey.

The last feature is the tail. The lizard has two claws on each of its legs. The clawed feet stand out as it uses its claws to climb and move about. Also, the tail is strong enough to kill prey even before the lizard retracts its body part that was used to hold the prey. The tail is also used to mark its territory.

These are the most prominent features of a lizard that looks like a dragon. Other characteristics include scales, color patterns, and scent. The latter, scent, marks the territory, so these animals make good territorial animals. When buying or owning any lizard, it is a good idea to make sure that it is compatible with people you know and love.

The bearded dragon, for instance, is a friendly creature that is comfortable around many people. The bearded dragon also has soft brown colored hairs that look like the mane of a goat. Its head is big and round with a pointed beak and large eyes that look like the eyes of a dragon.

The African Grebe is another creature that looks like a dragon. The animal is stout and comes in a gray and brown color. The head, neck and torso are leather. Its large body stands at least eight feet tall and its tail is thick and black. The African grebe is quiet calm and very gentle.

If you have a friend or family member that wants to get a pet this might be a great option. A dragon is a very special creature that can be an incredible companion. A dragon will be a companion for life.

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