Dragon Snakes – Vipers of the Southeast Asian Land



The dragon snake, also known as the Silverwing, is a non-aggressive harmless snake that can grow up to eight feet long. These snakes are mostly found in the southern areas of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This snake is usually not that hard to locate, but because of it’s preferred habitat of rocky streams in the southern parts of Thailand and even further north. Most people do not like to hunt this snake because of its ability to go unnoticed and blend into the rocks and mountainsides. Its non-aggressive nature and adaptability make it an interesting and rewarding target for any experienced or skilled snake hunter.

Because dragon snakes are nocturnal, they are most often seen during the day when they sleep away the majority of their daytime hours. Capturing one of these magnificent snakes requires a very effective method of capture. The best way to capture them is with a live capture, which is a lot more efficient and safe than using dead animals. Also, because they are nocturnal, you will need a good location to hunt these dragons since they like to hide in the cool shade of a rocky outcrop.

Once you have found a dragon snake that you are interested in breeding, you must be sure that it is captive since there are many different methods that people use in order to breed these creatures. It is possible to breed them from eggs, however, they must be able to stay in captivity during the entire process, otherwise the breeding process will come to a halt. It is also possible to capture adults if you wish to attempt to produce more in captivity, but again, they must remain in captivity when breeding. These are some of the things that you will learn about dragon snake ownership and breeding.

Like most snakes, dragon snakes have red flat scales on their greenish gray bodies. Their two eyes are located on the top of their heads, while their mouth can be found on the bottom, just below their rear feet. Their tongue is long and powerful, while their tail is short like that of the rattlesnake.

As mentioned previously, there are several different techniques that can be used to capture and breed these magnificent snakes. One of the easiest techniques to use to breed them is through capturing them naturally. There are a few different species of dragon snakes that are considered to be constricting snakes, meaning that they will generally grow quite a bit when they are held in captivity. If you are looking to breed these animals and have a good understanding of their natural patterns, it is a very easy process to accomplish. If you find an adult of this species, it is important to restrain it in a similar manner to that of the coral snake, then hold it against the base of your thumb for several hours. This will cause the scales on its body to become soft and easily controlled.

While we would like to share with you the easiest method available for breeding and owning these magnificent snakes, we must warn you about some potentially dangerous methods that may be recommended to you. We are not associated with the companies that sell these products and do not guarantee the product we sell, nor will we ever suggest or endorse something that may put you at risk. It is always our desire to only recommend safe and healthy alternatives for you to purchase. There are also other safer, more natural methods available to you, if you want to keep and raise dragon snakes as pets.

In order to view the current breeding stock of these animals, if you are interested in purchasing one of these pets, Thailand is the perfect destination for you. Thailand is home to the largest concentration of these reptiles in the entire world, giving you a huge selection from which to choose. The biggest difficulty with owning a dragon snake in Thailand is the cost. Since these amphibious snakes are native to the country, they are extremely difficult to breed, thus resulting in their prices being significantly higher than other options. This is due mainly to their limited population.

Due to their limited numbers, these turtles are also quite expensive as pets in the United States. The best option in the mean time is to source your dragon snake from Southeast Asia, as you can easily obtain them at affordable prices. There are also many reputable reptile and pets specialty shops located in Bangkok, with some offering free transport and a no-fee return shipping on your purchase. So, if you are interested in owning a pet, this is a great option for you to consider, but make sure to research the most reputable stores in your area first.