Iguana enclosure designs are measured by the number of spaces per inch, or CFI, that they offer. Iguanas live in small environments in the rain forests of Belize, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. This makes it difficult to find standard commercially available Iguana Enclosure designs that will fit most of these unique pets’ needs. That is why most iguana breeders in these regions have customized their own enclosures to better suit their needs. By doing so, the breeders are more successful in rearing these unique animals.

Most commercial internet pet stores sell standard rectangular wood and wire cages. They may also offer round metal cages for small to medium-sized iguanas. However, many iguanas do prefer the unique design of the six feet and four feet wide by eight feet long and two feet tall Iguana Enclosure. Independent builders say that these cages are a great choice for the outdoor enthusiasts since it provides more comfort and freedom than the rectangular cages.

Six Feet and Four Feet Enclosures are more adaptable for outdoor use because it has a wider space for the active iguana to move and stretch out. The large enclosures also have sufficient green iguana care features that are not commonly seen in standard enclosures. It can be placed in the shade during summer time and used as an indoor home for the small to midsized iguanas. It also comes in different colors and designs such as black, blue, red, pink and yellow to better match the colors of the substrate.

For indoor use, standard iguana care enclosures have a lighted top that offers good visibility for the owners. It can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water. These cages have multiple mesh areas with a lid that allows users to manually open the top. The mesh areas allow air circulation that makes it perfect for the green iguana’s health.

Mismatching enclosures will not give the pet the required amount of sunlight exposure. Hence, it is advisable to buy two sides of the iguana cage to allow for separate lighting. This way, both the pet and its owner will get the right amount of sun exposure. Mismatching enclosures also pose a health risk to the animal if one side experiences a higher humidity than the other.

Mismatching enclosures made of metal are prone to rusting. Buy a well-designed enclosure that has a UV resistant finish. An exo Terra screen terrarium should also be used along with the steel frame. Steel frames are usually not rust resistant and could become dangerous to the pet. A well designed wooden cage with a proper design will not only be safe but aesthetically beautiful.

Iguanas need a lot of room. You should purchase a large enough habitat so that the iguana can move around freely. Before buying the cage size, you should estimate the space where the iguana will be living to avoid purchasing a cage with too small or too large size. It is best to avoid buying a breeding pair as the number of iguanas will increase drastically if the breeding pair is also bought.

When choosing the right housing, it is important to look at the material used and also the ventilation. If you want to provide proper ventilation to your pet, you should choose an enclosure with a door in the front and a grill at the back to hold humidity. Some owners prefer to use cat cages for their iguanas as the food and water bowl sits on the front side of the enclosure. These types of dog crates also provide adequate ventilation. When considering which type of enclosure to purchase, you should keep these factors in mind and then decide which is best suited for your pet.

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