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What Is a Turtle Skeleton?

A preserved turtle Skeleton showing how the plastron and carapace connect to the remainder of the skeletal structure to form a protective shell covering the entire body. The turtle shell is an extremely complex defensive shield for turtles (the Order Testudines) that completely envelops all of their internal organs and in particular the head, ventral …

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Reptile Heating Tape

Reptile Heating Tape Reptile Heating Tape, or Reptile Heater Wire as it is more commonly referred to, is an inexpensive and lightweight solution to keeping your pet reptile warm in the winter months. There are many brands of Reptile Heating Tape, and they can all claim to be better than the others. If you don’t …

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Choosing Your Reptile Vet

Choosing Your Reptile Vet If you’re planning on keeping a few of those reptiles that creep out people, you might want to think about getting a reptile vet. These aren’t the kind of pets that come from the wild, though some people refer to them as such. Usually, they’re from a zoo or an animal …

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