Reptile Humidifier – What’s So Special About It? Our compact, ultrasonic -dry mist humidifiers are ideal for pets needing a dry environment to stay healthy. If you have a large, strong reptile in the house you know they can take a lot of abuse. They sweat, eat, shed their hair, and basically live in a pretty harsh environment. A humidifier is an inexpensive, small appliance that can significantly reduce the moisture in your pet’s environment without blowing water everywhere.

This top picks list focuses on the ultrasonic variety which may be the most popular. You will find a few different brands to choose from so you may need to comparison shop. These types of humidifiers are becoming more popular with reptile owners. Some of our picks include the Biofinity Pro Misting Guard Reptile Humidifier, the Reptile Xtreme Gentle Leader Reptile Humidifier, the Reptile Supreme Gentle Leader Humidifier, and the HHO humidifier. The Biofinity Pro has received rave reviews for being able to maintain the humidity level best for our reptiles.

The HHO humidifier is one of the newest products on the market and also received high ratings. If you haven’t heard yet, they beat the average recommended cool mist cool-mist humidifier by over 50%. The Biofinity HHO Ultrasonic humidifier comes with a unique set-up that allows you to replace water or air directly into the holding tank. The unique set-up also means it takes less water to refill than other cool mist products on the market.

The Biofinity Supreme Leader Humidifier has many of the same features as other top picks in this top 10 list, such as the adjustable cool-mist, dual-sided design, automatic shut-off, programmable humidity level control and the ability to hold up to a gallon of water. The only thing this company doesn’t have is a water dispenser, but they do have an aquarium. And don’t let its small appearance fool you, it has a powerful motor. It’s main goal is to maintain a very high humidity level (more than 55%) so your pets can remain comfortable and disease free.

The Biofinity HHO ultrasonic humidifier is one of the newest entrants on this list due to its unique ability to use distilled water, rather than tap water. Tap water contains so many contaminants that are not good for reptiles, such as lead and copper. I’ve heard of pet turtles dying from lead poisoning from drinking the treated tap water. So it’s important to use a distilled water solution when dealing with your infinity humidifier. This is extremely important, especially if you are using other humidifiers in your reptile enclosure.

The Biofinity fogger might be the best kept secret in the world of pet care. Most people aren’t even aware it exists. The fogger works quietly in the background, releasing distilled water into the tank. The humidity is constantly monitored, so there is never a need to open or close the tank door. There is no temperature or pressure regulated, just the water in the tank.

If you’re looking for a larger tank, or perhaps want to expand the size of the humidifier in your home, you should definitely check out the Biofinity Extender. This is also a waterless humidifier, but it does use a larger tank. It has a built-in mist reservoir, and an adjustable gauge to monitor the moisture level. This product will also come with a two-foot long, ten-inch water extension tube, stainless steel, UV sterilized extension tube and a carrying case.

Like any other ultrasonic humidifiers, this fogger works on the same principal as most others. The Biofinity Extender has four high-frequency ultrasonic transceivers that emit high frequency sound waves that are absorbed by the water in the tank. This is why the Biofinity folder has a higher quality than other brands – it works better and it’s more discreet.

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