Howdy Delarte

My story with reptiles began from childhood when all my friends preferred a dog or a cat when i was in love with my first Iguana. I dedicated my life to reptile's protection, and i am now a blogger and a happy owner of a reptile pet store.

Facts About Snake Venoms

Snake venom may seem to be a very complicated topic but in reality it is fairly straightforward. Snake venom can be deadly when taken seriously but in most cases they are not fatal. When taken in small doses, the venom acts as little more than a irritant. The effects of snake venom tend to differ …

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The Turtle Skeleton

The Turtle Skeleton A well preserved turtle Skeleton showing how the plastron and scapula connect to the rest of the skeletal structure to form a solid shell surrounding the entire body. Scales (left) and flippers (right) of the carapace of a turtle. The turtle shell is an extremely complex defensive shield for the turtle’s ventral …

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