Only if you take proper care of your pet can you ever expect them to live a long and healthy life. This holds true for all pets-even our reptiles. Properly taken care of reptiles will flourish as long as you are around to provide them with the right kind of diet, care and environment. It is really important that you understand the needs of your pet and the nature of the environment in which they live. Only then can you ever make a suitable choice for their enclosure.

PVC and glass aquariums are usually the two most preferred options for reptile lovers. Especially when talking about plastic snake tanks, people rarely go for anything else other than these two. Even so, there are other less expensive enclosures available in the market which might appeal to your taste and budget. However, glass and pvc 40 gallon terrariums are the best options for your pets. Let us find out why.

Glass is an ideal material for a glass enclosure. The reason is clear in the form of a simple fact that glass can be etched to a stunning degree and the result is simply amazing. Another advantage with a glass reptile enclosure is that there are few chances of breakage or distortion even when the temperatures rise to forty degrees Celsius or above. A downside with a glass enclosure though is that it does not offer much in the way of ventilation and air circulation; which is where a properly fitted acrylic enclosure might come handy.

While you have the option of opting for either glass or PVC, the best option would be a glass enclosure fitted with a temperature gradient. A temperature gradient will help regulate the levels of humidity as well as air flow within the enclosure. This will ensure that your pet reptile cages are kept at a comfortable level for all your lizards.

If you are looking to keep your pets warm during the winter months, you should look into getting a proper glass enclosure. However, while you will get all the benefits of a glass enclosure, you would need to consider how much light you are getting into the enclosure. Most of these glass enclosures do not hold heat well and do not efficiently retain heat. In such cases, you would have to compromise on the amount of heat retained or else your pets would remain frozen for long periods of time. With acrylic enclosures, the same problem does not arise.

As mentioned earlier, you can get acrylic and pet reptile tanks along with glass and plastic varieties. You may also find such tanks equipped with temperature gradients. Most of these reptile tanks come with adjustable thermostats so that the temperatures can be manipulated to give your pets the perfect environment. Such reptile cages are designed in such a way that they retain warmth better than their counterparts. However, you may have to invest in more heat generating devices if you get such a tank along with glass or plastic reptiles. This is because these glass and plastic enclosures retain heat well and cannot be easily switched on and off as required.

If you have quite a few of them at home and you feel that the temperature of some of them has come down, you may consider getting a UV sterilizer added to the list. These UV sterilizers to kill bacteria and ensure that the atmosphere remains safe for the growth of bacteria inside the reptile enclosure. While purchasing UV sterilizers to place inside the tank, make sure that it is made specifically for use with UV sterilization purposes. These Pvc reptile enclosures come with halogen lighting, which is highly beneficial during the nights. However, the problem arises when you switch on the halogen lighting for the UV sterilizer without turning off the UV bulbs.

If you feel that your pets need special care, you can buy the UVB light kit for a UVB sterilizer as well. You should also ensure that there is a good supply of fresh water and a deep substrate below the water line. For proper ventilation, you can get an additional glass vase with a mesh top on the bottom.

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